The GMAT is the test that leaves a long-term impact on your career. It allows you to begin your career at a better stage than a majority of postgraduates; it also offers you a backup career opportunity and instills a proper corporate mindset in you. Hence, there is nothing to lose if you take the GMAT exam. How? Let’s take a look.

Taking the GMAT exam will allow you to stand out during the application process. They are one of the most commonly used and trusted criteria for evaluating MBA and other graduate business degree programs. In India, GMAT scores are used as a shortlisting criterion in 10 out 0f 9 business schools. 

If you are an MBA applicant, having a GMAT test is the gold standard for predicting academic achievement. Here are few other benefits:

  • It compares all the skills and qualifications in the test and evaluates them based on the criteria that schools need.
  • The GMAT indicates how prepared you are to take the challenge of becoming an MBA student. 
  • Graduate business schools around the world are gradually dependent on the GMAT test.

GMAT needs test takers to be able to put their best foot forward, so the exam style and structure are continually revised to support them.

Today, MBA programs are the most dominant program type for the global candidates, presenting a total of 64 percent of GMAT scores. This is the test of choice for world-class industry executives seeking entry to top business schools. This is because the GMAT Test helps you illustrate the most important qualities in business school and in your profession.

The gender ratio of Indian GMAT takers in 2018 was around 38% female and 68% male. In the last few years, the female ratio has increased, and now three candidates among 10 are female, according to the data by Find My Institution Website. 

Are You Eligible for The GMAT Exam?

If you think that the GMAT exam is the best for you, you must determine the criteria before applying. Below is the list of GMAT eligibility criteria required in 2021.


GMAT rules and guidelines are the same for everyone, no matter which country you belong to. Depending on the country, you might have to bring a specific identity proof to your test centre. Visually students are required to bring their passports as ID proof to enter the examination. 


If you are 13 years old or above, then you are allowed to sit for the GMAT examination. However, if you are 13 to 17 years of age, then you will need a permission letter from your parents or legal guardian. There is no upper age limit, and if you are above 18, you are eligible. 

Medium of instruction

Even if your medium of instruction in school or college was not English, you are eligible to take the GMAT exam. Even many students coming from non-English academy backgrounds have the GMAT examination dedicated to preparation and correct approach. 

Academic scores 

There is no minimum cutoff in the GMAT examination. However, the B-schools take your overall academic performance in the examination when deciding your application, so you must keep that in mind. 

Number of attempts

Certain conditions apply to the number of attempts:

  • Suppose you have scored the highest, which is 800. Then, you must wait for another five years for your next attempt. 
  • You will get only eight attempts in your lifetime.
  • You should not take more than five attempts in a 12 month period. 
  • You are eligible to take the GMAT exam once every 16 days. 
Academic Qualification

There is no minimum or maximum qualification limit for taking the GMAT examination. The majority of GMAT test-takers are undergraduate students studying in their final year of college or working professionals.

Work experience

There is no maximum or minimum work experience needed for taking the GMAT exam. No matter whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresher, you can apply for the GMAT. The B schools always consider your work experience while shortlisting the applications, and having a good work experience can help you stand out in the crowd. 

Now that you know the criteria for taking the GMAT examination, you can prepare well and make a better-informed decision about your career.

Every more than 2.5 lakh candidates appeared for the GMAT examination, among which 13% are Indians. According to the data collected by Find My Institution, the number of Indians taking the GMAT examinations has increased by 14% in the last five years. 

6 Facts to Know Before Your Appear in The GMAT Exam in 2021

If you are just starting with GMAT studies, then it can feel overwhelming how to read so many new things. But be patient and start to study step by step. You have to make a plan for yourself. But, before you start studying, here are some facts that you must know to perform better. Interestingly, GMAT exams are accepted by more than 7000 business and management programs across the world.  

Computer-Based examination 

Exam sections are taken on a computer at the Pearson VUE testing centre. You will only get the chance to take your eyes off the computer when you take one or the other two options. Students are highly recommended to use those breaks as it helps them to think better with a refreshed mind. Previously the GMAT exam was paper-based, but that is completely changed now. Even if you find those paper waste questions, then they can help you prepare better. 

Questions are generated based on your performance 

Software Adaptive Testing is used in both the quantitative and verbal categories. As you advance through each segment, the algorithm changes the complexity of each new question based on your previous results. If you’re doing better, you’ll get more difficult questions on average. If you’re having problems, you’ll hopefully get some easy questions.

The CAT is only included in the last two pages. You just get a batch of 12 questions on the Integrated Reasoning section, and you answer them all: nothing adapts to you as you progress through the IR.

Availability of the screen calculator 

You will not get access to the screen calculator in the quantitative section; you will only get to use the screen calculator while doing the IR section. 

Determination of scores 

The student’s scores are determined by only two sections: verbal and quantification. To score between 200 to 800. The scoring report includes several components, but the overall score depends on only these two sections. However, the exam committee of the B schools will check every detail when you send them your score report. 

No second chances 

You cannot give an answer and think that you can come back and correct it anytime because this is a completely computer adaptive test where you have to give an answer to move to the next one. The next question always depends on your performance or on your IQ level; therefore, it is very important that you answer the question. 

If you are stuck with a very stubborn question, it’s always better to choose an option and move to the next one without wasting time. Once you submit the answers, the question is gone forever; you will never get a second chance to fix your answers. There is no negative marking for wrong answers, though it can affect your scores, which can be bad when you’re trying to get into the best business schools. 

Stay updated with Exam News

Just studying is not enough when you are determined to take the GMAT examination and get into one of your dream colleges. You need to know the correct date for filling of forms, applying for the colleges before the deadlines, and all the procedures that you need to complete as a testing candidate. Take note of the things that you need to carry on the day of examination, and this also helps you feel prepared by reducing your anxiety levels.

GMAT has a complicated and lengthy process. One needs to develop strong critical thinking abilities and master the verbal section by studying consistently and building strong fundamentals and can have a great score with robust test-taking strategies by targeting your weakness and working on them.


Today, the GMAT is considered one of the toughest entrance examinations that students can prepare for. Also known as your first crucial step towards excelling at a career with impact, GMAT is your chance at securing the best for your life ahead. Considered to be the choice of business leaders around the world, GMAT exams are the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills around a business school. 

We have covered everything in this article, GMAT examination section-wise division from the appearing criteria to the section-wise division of the GMAT examination. Hence, it’ll help you prepare better to page your way to better career opportunities.


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