Wondering if you can score an 800 on the GMAT? Well, you’re not alone! Every GMAT test-taker dreams of scoring800 in GMAT the exam, however, only a few manage to score above the 700-mark let alone reaching 800 in the GMAT test. What are the reasons that only a few individuals manage to make it to the 99th percentile and what do they do differently? This article will cover essential factors that can help you in achieving a score of 800 on the GMAT. 

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8 Essential Factors to Help You Score a GMAT 800 Score

Here are some of the best practices you can adopt to score 800 in the GMAT exam:

  1. One distinction between those who make it to the 800 level and those who don’t is that some are just naturally talented when it comes to standardised tests. However, not being talented should not make you lose hope, you can overcome this drawback by practising and familiarising yourself with all the concepts till you master them. Although it might take you more time than those who are naturally good at such tests, you will eventually get there with regular practice. . The key difference between those who manage to score 800 on the GMAT from those who don’t is that top scorers adopt an effective study plan that revolves around their schedule. They learn to prioritise their preparations keeping their ultimate goal in mind. Hence, having a personal study plan with a timeline will help you make progress towards your GMAT goal.
  2. The basic prep material such as the Official GMAT guide and GMAT prep software should be your go-to source for practising because these sources have the most relevant exam-like questions asked on the GMAT.
  3. Repeatedly practising problems pertaining to a particular topic till you master them should be your ideal approach to get that GMAT 800 score. You can do this by sourcing questions from other prep material, in addition to the official GMAT guide. Solving a variety of questions pertaining to a topic will help you a lot. 
  4. Always revisit and review the answers that you haven’t scored well on or haven’t gotten correct. You will discover that you actually learn more by reviewing your incorrect answers than by simply trying to understand the concept. 
  5. Your approach should be to focus on understanding a concept and not just memorizing it. The key to ace the GMAT is to solve questions that are highly difficult and this can only be done when you successfully understand the concepts.
  6. Gradually progress from easy to hard questions. Avoid taking on the tougher questions at the start so that you can remain confident and keep a steady momentum in your practice regime.
  7. The GMAT is also about time management. Hence, practice often by timing your attempts. By timing your practice sessions, you develop the stamina needed and adapt to the exam scenario wherein you have about two minutes for each question on the quant and verbal reasoning sections. Often test-takers do not time their practice sessions and end up losing their focus half-way through the exam.

So, if you are wondering can you score 800 on GMAT, then our answer is yes. All you need is practice.  

We hope these tips on how to score 800 in the GMAT exam helped. Also, remember that GMAT scores are not the only defining factor to get admissions into top-tier MBA colleges. In addition to GMAT scores, your statement of purpose, your CV, etc., should also stand out.


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