The GMAT is a highly competitive exam and you are required to prepare vigorously all days of the week. You are required to go through a vast syllabus, sometimes within a short span of time, and this could be very exhausting. If you are professional, then working and studying could be all the more difficult.  Due to this you could feel stressed out and extremely pressurized. So if you are feeling that GMAT exam stress, worry not, we have some tips to help you cope with it. 

Tips to Manage GMAT Exam Stress

Study and Revise: It is normal to stress over your GMAT preparation process. However, don’t let the stress impact you too much. You will feel less stressed out if you make a smart study plan —  it should include both your study as well as revision time. Once you alot times to all the sections you have to study and revise, make sure you stick to them consistently. You will notice that you feel less stressed out as everyday you would be completing some part of the syllabus. It is also advisable to make notes while studying, so you can use them while revising. Remember instead of panicking, direct the energy in organising and using your time productively.   

Practise Makes Perfect: If you are not feeling confident enough about the studying you’ve done for the GMAT, an easy way to assess yourself is by attempting mock tests and sample questions. You can identify where you are lacking by taking these tests. Once you find the areas that need more work, practice until perfect.  

Hydrate Well and Eat Healthy: It is important that you hydrate well, eat healthy and exercise whenever you can, to keep your body energised and fit. Doing this not only contributes to your physical well-being, but also uplifts your spirits. 

Incorporate Hobbies into Your Routine: All work and no play makes you a dull person! Preparing for the GMAT is a lengthy process and can get quite monotonous. A way to dodge the monotonicity is by incorporating hobbies into your everyday routine. You can keep an hour or so aside to do anything you like to do. This will also help you in creatively stimulating your mind. 

Seek Assistance if Necessary: Preparing during the pandemic can get very lonely and can be very demotivating. Do not hesitate to reach out to friends and family members if you need any kind of respite. You can consider reaching out to professionals if the need arises. 

Don’t Pay Heed to Factors Out of Control: There are several factors that will be beyond your control, especially during these uncertain times. You need to make sure you are giving your best at all times rather than fussing about things that you cannot help. While it might be difficult to turn a blind eye towards certain things, doing so will keep you sane.

Focus on Long-term Goals: Last but not the least, do not be fixated on your short-term goal. The GMAT is not the end of the world, if you find yourself performing poorly, try again and again till you succeed. However, extreme pressure can also hinder success. So make it a point to not pressurise yourself and take things as they come. 

We hope these tips on how to manage your GMAT exam stress helped. So, keep calm and give it your best.


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