Indian Institute of Managements, better known as IIMs are considered to be the shrine for business and management studies. The IIMs are relentlessly offering advanced business and management study courses through: Post Graduate Programs (PGP), Doctoral (PhD) and Executive Education Programs. Abreast of it, IIMs courses are inclined towards a pragmatic teaching module method, they try to improve each student’s knowledge by providing cutting edge research options in all the functional areas of management and this can prove to be beneficial for both public and private companies. In short, IIMs have distinct programs for every category of individuals who focus on the essentials required to elevate their career graph. Therefore IIM is considered as the most prestigious institution to pursue management studies. These institutions were founded by the first prime minister of India Lt. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru influenced by the recommendations of Planning Commission. There are 20 public, autonomous institutes of management education and research in India.

These IIMs always remain the desire of many students in India who seek to obtain a post-graduation degree from such reputed institutions. They have some of the most esteemed faculties for management in India.





















But sometimes due to some misfortunes, several students may be unable to acquire a degree from such renowned institutions and hence will start working at some firms. Later they may feel dejected looking at their declining career graph; in that case, an Executive MBA from IIM may boost your career aspirations.

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Five reasons why an Executive MBA is so unique in IIM:

1) The quality of Students:

There are a large group of Individuals from India and outside India who seek admissions for EMBA programs at IIMs. These are candidates who have quite extensive work experience and have gained sufficient skills and competencies in their roles at work. Hence it is certainly beneficial to study at an IIM since you have a chance to enhance your administrative skills. You will get an opportunity to learn alongside some of the most brilliant minds and since the classes are predominantly interactive sessions you will also have the benefit of sharing different viewpoints as well. You gain a chance to improve your knowledge as well in the process.

2) Industrial-oriented Courses:

The EMBA syllabus mainly focuses on case studies. So it enables you to encounter real-life crisis situations and suggests you with ways on how to deal with it. You will learn essential business skills which will assist you in your future careers. It helps you to make quick decisions and you will be able to track your development on a regular basis as you work on your case study. It facilitates working in a ream and also exchange of views among students. You would gain valuable information in the process. It also helps in improving your communication skills and you will learn how to contribute your own views as well. Since such case studies involve active participation from both instructor and students it may require a lot of efforts. Although when compared to attending mundane lectures you stand to learn a lot of information through this method of experiential learning.

3) Staff:

Undoubtedly, the IIMs have some of the most talented and reputed faculty at their campus. The professors at IIMs will have several years of experience training and teaching students about subjects which they have specialized in themselves. They will be able to impart knowledge through techniques which they have perfected over the years. Since the professors have handled candidates of several batches they will be aware of which practices to adopt to assist the students to learn better and score well. They would have the necessary expertise to aid students with the pattern of the questions which will appear in the exam.

4) Career Growth:

Through EMBA you can accelerate the speed of your career growth. These would increase your personal skills and performance resulting in a hike in your salary too. When you may otherwise be stuck in the same role for several years without any significant growth, an EMBA will provide you with the much required boost your career needs. You will even have the option to switch careers to another field or domain which intrigues you. This may otherwise not be possible if you don’t have the backing of a MBA degree. The coveted tag automatically increases your employability and your caliber in the eyes of the recruiter.

5) Shaping Strategies:

Having the capacity to come up with viable techniques and in an imaginative manner is maybe one of the most significant advantages an EMBA understudy can offer to his or her organization. Only candidates who are adept at managerial techniques will be able to provide valuable suggestions to help the company’s growth. An E-MBA equips you with all of the skills which is required for a candidate to become a proficient and capable manager. You will learn techniques on how to handle a team and hone your leadership skills as well.

Even though there are some differences between a regular MBA program and an executive MBA both the programs aim to qualify you all round as an experienced professional. These programs are often developed keeping in mind the requirements and busy schedules of candidates who are working professionals and are unwilling or unable to take a break to pursue their MBA. It has shorter more intensive sessions where you will learn the same subjects and content which a full time MBA program might offer. Therefore an Executive MBA especially from an IIM is certain to elevate your profile immensely.

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