Preparing for the GMAT requires you to be persistent and hard-working. Besides, having a good GMAT tutor is equally important and helpful because your GMAT preparation becomes much easier and feels less overwhelming. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of having a tutor, the difference between traditional coaching and online GMAT tutorials or coaching and how helpful they are. 

Traditional vs Online GMAT Tutorial

A traditional GMAT tutorial is a usual approach to teaching you the GMAT syllabus, which is delivered at an institute within a classroom. Here you have to travel to an institute, no matter how far and attend classes on a given day and at a particular time, which might take up a lot of time and your energy. Besides, you have to study among many students, hence, this makes it difficult for you to ask doubts when you need to. So, if you have certain doubts to clear, you will need to check the availability of the faculty. Moreover, a traditional classroom coaching can also be expensive, not to mention the additional travel cost. And, if you are someone who is working, finding the time for classes can be challenging. 

On the other hand, an online GMAT tutorial is one where you can access lectures and all the study material over an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet or cell phone and can have your doubts clarified over a video call with the faculty. Hence, the greatest benefit of an online coaching service is that it provides you with the opportunity to study for your GMAT from the comfort of your home and at your convenient time. Therefore, if you’re a working professional, a GMAT private tutor online can make your preparation process easier for you. 

Benefits of Online GMAT Tutorials or Coaching

Online learning has several benefits for students and non-working individuals as well, we’ve curated a few perks of enrolling in an online GMAT tutorial course. 

  • Wide Range of Study Material: When you enrol into an online GMAT prep course you get access to a wide range of study material to help you progress through the GMAT syllabus. 
  • Study At Your Pace: Whether you’re a working professional or a student, online coaching has one universal benefit i.e., you can study at your own time and pace.  With access to pre-recorded videos of lectures, you can never miss a class and you can always review anything that you may have not understood.
  • Get Doubts Clarified Instantly: Online learning offers the benefit of connecting with expert faculty to have your doubts clarified instantly. 
  • Your Studies Continue Without Any Hindrance: When studying online, you don’t have to step out of your home. Hence, in case of a pandemic situation such as COVID-19, you do not have to worry about stepping out and getting infected, which may hamper the progress of your studies.

If you’ve been searching the internet by googling “GMAT tutors near me” then we highly recommend CareerLabs. Started by P.N Santosh, CareerLabs provides all that you need to ace the GMAT. From over 150 video lectures to over 3500 practice questions, CareerLabs provides a wide range of study material. Furthermore, the in-house faculty at CareerLabs have themselves aced the GMAT. P.N Santosh and Amit Ravindra have scored a 780 and 760 on the test, respectively. 

Now that you know what are the factors that make online GMAT tutorials better than traditional classroom learning, you’re better positioned to enrol in an online course for your GMAT preparations. 


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