Is your GMAT exam a day away? If yes, then this is the time for you to relax and chill a bit. Yes, you will be stressed out thinking about the exam but you need to stay calm so that you can focus on the next day. If you feel too stressed, you might end up eating wrong, you might not be able to sleep due to anxiousness and all of this could have a major impact on your performance. Hence, we have listed the mistakes to avoid the day before the GMAT. So, keep reading!

Mistakes to Avoid the Day Before the GMAT

Here are some mistakes to avoid a day before the GMAT exam: 

No Last Minute Preparations

The agenda for a day before the GMAT is to unwind and relax. Do not make the mistake of trying to prepare at the last minute. Doing any last minute preparation will not benefit you in any way, your mind will not be able to retain any information. In addition, cramming at the last minute will send you down a spiral of panic. So, be confident of how and how much you’ve prepared for the GMAT and give it your best. 

No Attempting Mock Tests 

GMAT mock tests can enhance your preparation process in a lot of ways. So, make it a point to incorporate them into your study plan. You can take as many mock tests as you’d like 2-3 weeks before the GMAT. However, avoid attempting mock tests a day before the exam. This is because if you do not achieve your target score in the mock test, you might feel discouraged and disappointed. You might also feel helpless as you’ve attempted the mock test a day before the GMAT, and if you get low scores, there’s no time for improvement. Taking the GMAT exam with a discouraged, disappointed, and helpless attitude will hinder your performance severely. 

Avoid Skipping Meals 

A day before the GMAT, do not make the mistake of skipping your meals. The GMAT is a 3 hour-long examination with only two 8-minute optional breaks. Hence, you need to have a filling meal before you head out so that you can sustain yourself till the exam gets over. An ideal meal should contain equal amounts of carbohydrates and protein. The carbohydrates will fuel your body and the protein will provide strength. Without strength and energy, you might not be able to give your best performance. So, do not attempt writing the exam on an empty stomach. 

Avoid Staying Up Late 

It is essential that you get a good night’s sleep before the GMAT exam so that you are fresh and energised the next day. You might feel the urge to stay up and revise as much as you can, but that is the exam stress talking! Fight the urge and get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t, you might end up feeling sleepy and cranky as you will not be well-rested. Yet again, this can affect your performance on the day of the exam. Another reason for you to get a sufficient amount of sleep is to regulate your stress levels. A good amount of sleep can help you regain your composure and stay calm on the day of the examination.

Avoid Panicking 

The biggest mistake most GMAT candidates commit is panicking a day before the GMAT. It is very important that you do not stress out a day before the exam. Remember you have spent months preparing for the GMAT and you have also had ample amount of time to revise thoroughly, so give it your best. You need to keep reminding yourself of this so that you can avoid panicking. There are a couple of things you can do to soothe yourself: 

  • To begin with, you can take deep breaths in regular intervals, this will regulate your mind and body.
  • You can mindfully engage in a hobby or activity such as painting or cooking. 
  • You can engage in a physical activity such as taking a walk or jogging or even swimming. 
  • You can spend time with family and friends to relieve some of the exam stress.

All of these things can help you soothe yourself and help you unwind a day before the GMAT. So, do not let the exam stress get the best of you; be confident! 

These are some of the mistakes to avoid the day before the GMAT. Try and incorporate these into your schedule a day before your exam and it will do you wonders. 


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