A sustainable business is an organization that is environmentally conscious and friendly. Sustainable business activities are balanced such that they address environmental concerns and ensure to be profitable at the same time. This is where an MBA in Environmental Management comes into the picture. Environmental Managers within organizations are responsible for ensuring that the company carries out its business operations while maintaining a balance between profitability and the effect it has on its environment. Thereby, achieving sustainable development.  Environmental Management studies deal with research and practices that focus on the use and conservation of natural resources, protection of habitats and controlling of hazards while carrying out business activities that are required to keep the business functional. This article will help you understand what are the career prospects of studying environmental management and the various business schools that offer environmental management as an MBA specialization.

A Career in Environmental Management

MBA in Environmental Management offers ample job opportunities for postgraduate students. After graduating with an MBA in Environmental Management, as a young professional you can start your career by working at NGOs, private companies or even at government agencies. In addition to public and non-profit organizations, there are several companies whose prime focus is sustainability and tackling issues such as global warming. Furthermore, organizations are focused on sustainable development as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the criteria to gauge the overall health of an organization which needs to be mentioned in the company’s financial statements. Due to these vigorous standards being set by government bodies, companies have now started to form separate departments that look after the organization’s sustainable development measures. After gaining an MBA in environmental management, you can opt for any one of the job profiles, mentioned below, with a strong motivation to tackle the effects of climate change and reduce an organization’s contribution to global warming.
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Park Rangers
  • Environmental Manager
  • Air Quality Manager
  • Recycling Coordinator
  • Energy Consultant

The Various Institutes that Offer Environmental Management in India

Business schools that offer MBA in environmental management in India are:
  1. Amity Institute of Energy and Environment 
  2. Annamalai University
  3. Swami Vivekanand Institute of Information Technology
  4. The Global Open University
  5. Institute of Management and Technical Studies
  6. Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Business Education and Research
 Top B-schools Offering Environmental Management Numerous business schools offer management in environmental management studies. Here, are 12 business schools around the world that offer an MBA in environment management:
S.No Courses Name Of B-School Location
1 Master Of Business Administration (MBA) In Sustainability Management Sustainability Management School Switzerland
2 MBA, Not-For-Profit Management Specialization Concordia University USA
3 Joint Masters In Business Administration & Masters In International Environmental Policy Middlebury Institute Of International Studies At Monterey USA
4 MBA Advanced Farm Management Royal Agricultural University United Kingdom
5 MBA In Energy And Sustainable Development Management Ipag Business School France 
6 MBA Green Energy And Sustainable Businesses Bologna Business School Italy
7 MBA In Energy Management Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
8 Global Green MBA University Of Haifa, International School Israel
9 Master Of Business Administration (SHU MBA), Mba Center And Global Management Education Institute Shanghai University China
10 MBA Master of Business Administration Northwest Missouri State University USA
11 1 Year MBA In Strategic Sustainability Humboldt State University – A California State University Campus USA
12 MBA In Sustainable Business Business School Lausanne Switzerland

MBA in Environmental Management Salary:

According to Payscale.com, the table below consists of the average salary you can potentially earn after an MBA in Environmental Management.
Job Title National Salary Data
1-4 Years $83,450
5-9 Years $65,000
10-19 Years $85,000
20 Years or More $131,000

MBA in Environmental Management Salary in India

The average salary that you expect to earn with an MBA in environmental management in India is ₹540,000 as per Payscale.com. However, different designations and job roles have different pay scales. Mentioned below are a few job roles and their average pay.
Job Title  Average Salary
Sustainability Manager ₹666,268
Environmental Consultant ₹10,17,141
Environmental Health and Safety Officer ₹130,718
Now that we have informed you what MBA in environmental management is, the various business schools in India and abroad that offer this specialisation and the average pay you can expect to earn, you’re better positioned to evaluate whether or not this is an ideal higher education path you should take.  All the best!

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