Germany is attracting thousands and thousands of international students. This is because of its worldwide ranked universities, numerous courses offered, globally valued degrees that ensure a number of employment opportunities and of course, an affordable cost of living. Thus, making Germany a preferred destination among many individuals who wish to pursue their MBA. Moreover, MBA colleges in Germany have featured in the top 100 business schools in the world as per Global MBA rankings. Another advantage of studying in Germany is that public universities tuition fees are almost zero, so you can study in MBA colleges in Germany  for free.

Germany welcomes students from all over the world to come study at their universities. More than 10% of their student body comprises international students. Let us learn more about the programs offered at these universities, the tuition fees and the salary you are likely to earn once you graduate.

Before we proceed to talk about the above mentioned details, let us first understand why one must study at MBA colleges in Germany.

Why Study at MBA Colleges in Germany 

  • Cost of Living  – As already mentioned, most German public universities have considerably lower tuition fees in comparison to their American counterparts. Therefore, you will have a debt free existence. You can expect to live a very comfortable lifestyle at minimum cost in Germany. 
  • Need for highly skilled professionals – Germany has a great economy, however, it faces a  growing labour shortage due to low birth rates. It has a high risk of losing skilled labour and thereby, risking its impressive economy. In order to avert this situation, Germany has commenced a EU Blue card work permit for non-European citizens to be able to work in Germany so long as they fulfill the qualifications and hold a job offer with the minimum salary requirements. The validity for this work permit is 4 years and you can apply for permanent residency once the duration is over.
  • A balanced work-life culture – Germany has an extremely healthy work life balance. The labour laws are very powerful in Germany and you can enjoy less than 40 hours work weeks. You also get about 30 days of leave for your leisure activities. It is ranked as one of the best places to raise a child. Parental leave (both maternity and paternity) are granted for both parents till the child turns three. Parents can either opt for this separately or jointly. Their jobs will remain protected and they are qualified to receive upto two thirds of their job income during their absence.

Now that you are aware of the culture in Germany and the many benefits of living and studying there, let us view a list of the top MBA colleges in Germany and their respective rankings.

B- SchoolRanking
University of Cologne Faculty of Management    75 ( Euro FT)
ESCP Europe Business School    8  (Euro FT)
European School Of Management And Technology  80  (Global FT)    9   (Euro FT)
Frankfurt School Of Finance & Management  26  ( Euro FT)
Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management    66  (Global FT)
HHL Graduate School Of Management  45  ( Euro FT) 
ESMT, Berlin  80  (Global)
Mannheim Business School  58  (Global Ranking by FT)
Munich Business School    90  (Global Ranking)

 Eligibility Criteria to Study MBA in Germany 

The eligibility requirements to get admissions into these top ranked MBA colleges in Germany with low fees are as follows:

  • Undergraduate degree from a recognised university
  • Proof of your language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS score) and your GRE/GMAT scores. The minimum score expected on your GRE/GMAT is 550+. 
  • Work experience of at least one year although there are few colleges which expect 2 to 3 years work experience as well. 

 The tuition fees at these colleges are approximately 30,000 to 50,000 Euros for a full time MBA course and around 90,000 Euros for an executive MBA program. The job opportunities are plenty once you graduate. You can work in a number of different fields and roles such as Software Developers, Sales Manager and Product Manager, HR Manager and Personal administrator.  The average salary you can earn is – 70,000 Euros approximately.

We hope this list of MBA colleges in Germany has been helpful. You can look up the list, check which college suits all your requirements and apply for it. 

Good Luck!


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