So, you have only a few days left for the GMAT exam. Whether it’s tomorrow, or later this week, it’s important to work on some strategies that could prepare you to succeed on test day. So, what is your preparation plan for the few days left? Not yet decided? Worry not! In this article, we’ve included some last-minute GMAT tips to assist you with your preparation and help you use your time wisely.

GMAT preparation is a long and arduous task. MBA aspirants may spend months preparing well to excel in the exam. However, in the last few days before the exam, there is not much that you can do when it comes to learning. Then, how can you use the last few days of preparation? Keep reading to find out. 

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5 Last-minute Tips for GMAT Preparation

Getting a great score on the GMAT is not only about knowing how to answer the questions. You also need to know how you can wisely utilize the time you have left for the preparation. Below, we’ve collated five insightful tips that’ll help you plan how to best prepare for GMAT in the last few days that are left for the exam.

  • Don’t try to cram the concepts: GMAT, being a challenging test, requires a lot of time and effort for preparation. This means it’s really difficult to master the concepts you haven’t learnt in one or two days. Even if you try cramming all the concepts at the last minute, you won’t get time to grasp them and practice. Hence, during the last few days of preparation, try to maintain your composure, review the concepts you’ve learnt, and go through the GMAT exam pattern. If possible, take a day off and relax so that you can give yourself  some rest and give your best on the exam day.
  • Consider taking a full-length timed diagnostic test: Taking a practice test is one of the most effective ways to be prepared for the GMAT exam. We strongly recommend you to take the practice tests with questions that are designed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Take the practice test that mimics the original GMAT test and  in a computer-adaptive format. Taking a full-length timed diagnostic test helps you to be prepared for the types of questions asked in the exam. You can practice with these tests even a day before the exam. You can consider the last day’s practice test as the actual test, and follow all the terms and conditions of the GMAT exam while attending the test. For eg., taking optional breaks in between, using the scratch papers, etc. This will help reduce your stress and boost your confidence. However, it’s also best to give yourself a break before the exam and just rest. 
  • Keep your documents and other things ready well in advance: As a matter of fact, you need to be extra cautious about the documents that you might need to carry to enter into the test center. Gather everything you’ll need for the exam a day before the test, including:
  1. Your admissions ticket and ID proof
  2. Your personal belongings such as the keys, wallet etc.
  3. The list of the b-schools you want to designate, before you begin the test, to receive your scores. 
  4. Study materials or flashcards to skim through
  5. Clothes you’ll be wearing
  • Be at your physical and emotional best: You need to prepare yourself both emotionally and physically for the GMAT exam to maintain your composure and confidence. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your exam. This will keep your body and mind well rested, and ensure you’re not distracted by anything! Slow down, relax and remind yourself that  you’re well prepared for this test. 
  • Plan your route beforehand: Once you are aware of the time required to reach the location of the exam center (if you choose an in-center exam), organize your transportation to the GMAT test center well in advance. If you’re driving, make sure to check the possibility of traffic on the way to your exam, and check if there’s enough gas in your vehicle. If you’re commuting via public transport, make sure you know the timing and station of the bus/train or any other means of public transportation. 

To conclude, it is not advisable to study a lot during the last few days of your GMAT preparation. What you can do is to relax, skim through the concepts learnt and get some good rest to be prepared emotionally and physically for the exam day.

Good luck!


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