One of the basic requirements to prepare for the GMAT exam is it’s essential that you need to have an active vocabulary as it helps to qualify the sections like Verbal section and Analytical Writing Assessment. There are two major techniques to build and enhance your GMAT vocabulary and word stock – 1. Learning & 2. Application, i.e. to learn new words and apply them in your day-to-day conversation.
GMAT Vocabulary

Investing your time and effort to learn new words can be a delightful and profitable experience for you. Devoting 15 minutes on a daily basis will not just improve your vocabulary skills but also enhance your communication skills as in writing and conversing skills. However, to learn you don’t need to sit with the whole set of new words and a dictionary. In this post, we will take you through on how you can build your vocabulary for GMAT by practicing a few simple steps.

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Learning & Using New Words:

  1. Be a voracious reader: You can instill the practice of reading regularly. Make reading a habit. Read fiction, non-fiction, online magazines, blogs, newspaper, novels, articles etc. When you read, you are bound to come across new words used in some particular context. In this way, you not only learn the word but also understand it’s application along with its meaning.
  2. Make the dictionary and thesaurus your best friend: We would strongly recommend you to use a dictionary whenever you come across an unfamiliar word. As soon as you find it, try it locate it in the dictionary soon. Read more about what part of speech it belongs to and it’s usage in a sentence.
  3. Implement what you learned: In our day-to-day situations and conversations, we try to relate the words that we have learned and try to apply or use them. You can try to make use of the GMAT vocabulary list and utilize those words in new contexts, not only verbally but also while you pen down an essay or article. Look for concepts related to the new words you’re using. Engage and use fresh new words during your conversation with others so that you can grasp the context of using it while conversing. As a matter of fact, talking with others can help you to learn and discover new words too.
  4. Write down a sentence: Once you become familiar with the word, try to use it while writing down a sentence. Try to use it in variations and write sentences using its other forms like noun, pronoun, verb or adjective and so on and so forth.
  5. Study and review regularly: Building a vocabulary is all about revising and practicing the words regularly until you get a complete hold on them. Spare 15 minutes of your time every day for vocabulary and make it your break activity. After studying for 2 hours, take a break of 15 minutes and thereafter you can take up a quick GMAT Vocabulary Test by playing crossword puzzles, scrabble, anagrams, word jumble and Boggle.

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