Are you keen on applying to IIM Raipur for an MBA program? Are you aware of the eligibility criteria? If not, you need not worry. Through the course of this article, we will tell you about the  IIM Raipur eligibility criteria for GMAT candidates. So read on!

IIM Raipur: Overview

Established in 2010, IIM Raipur was the tenth Indian Institute of Management amongst the many IIMs established by the Government of India. Over the years it has gained recognition for training young leaders and entrepreneurs. IIM Raipur’s vision and mission is to focus on holistic learning in the field of management coupled with innovation, curiosity, ethics. All the programs offered at IIM Raipur are modelled keeping the institute’s vision in mind. So, let us have a look at the programs offered. 

Programs Offered

The programs offered at IIM Raipur are as follows: 

  • Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP)
  • Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives (PGPWE)
  • Fellow Program in Management (FPM)
  • Executive Fellow Program in Management

IIM Raipur: Eligibility Criteria for GMAT Candidates 

Are you wondering if you are eligible for the programs offered at IIM Raipur? Note that the eligibility criteria varies depending on the course you wish to apply for. 

  • PGPM: To be eligible for the PGPM program, you have to finish your undergraduate or postgraduate program with an aggregate of 50%. You are eligible and can apply to the program if you are in your final year of undergraduate or if you are pursuing a certification equivalent to an undergraduate program.
  • FPM: To be eligible for the FPM program, you must have completed your graduate program with an aggregate of 60% and you must have completed your undergraduate program with an aggregate of at least 50%. You are also eligible for the program if you have completed an integrated master’s program with a minimum aggregate of 55%.
  • PGPWE: To be eligible for the PGPWE program, you must have an undergraduate degree with an aggregate of 50% along with 5+ years of work experience. As of June 2016, any candidate above the age of 50 is not eligible to apply for the PGPWE program. 
  • EFPM: To be eligible for the EFPM program, you must have completed your educational qualifications at a university that has been established or recognised by the Ministry of HRD Government of India. If you studied at an institution recognised and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),  you become eligible for the program. Along with your educational qualifications, you are also required to have 7+ years of professional work experience.

In addition to this, you are required to have a good and valid GMAT or CAT score to be eligible for all the programs.

Admission Procedure for GMAT candidates

The admission process for a GMAT candidate at IIM Raipur also varies depending on the program they are interested in applying to. The admission procedure for the programs offered at IIM Raipur are as follows: 

PGPM: Candidates who have applied for PGPM will be shortlisted based on their CAT or GMAT score and academic qualifications. If you are shortlisted, you will have to write a Written Analysis Test (WAT). If you perform well in the test, you proceed to the final round of selection, which is a personal interview. 

FPM: Candidates who have applied for the FPM program will initially be shortlisted based on the CAT or GMAT score, academic qualification and performance. After being shortlisted, the candidates are called for a personal interview. 

PGPWE: If you have applied for the PGPWE, the admission process is rather simple. All you need to do is submit your CAT or GMAT score. You will be shortlisted based on your test scores and profile. However, if you do not have a CAT or GMAT score, you can take the Business Aptitude Test (BAT). 

If you qualify in the final round, which is the personal interview round, you are likely to be admitted into IIM Raipur.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the various programs at IIM Raipur is as follows: 

Program offered Tuition Fees
PGPM INR 8,00,000+ 
PGPWEINR 6,00,000+
PGP INR 10,00,000+
EFPMINR 6,00,000+

We have only listed the tuition fees for the programs offered at IIM Raipur. If you want more clarity on the finances, you will need to factor in the living expenses such as accommodation, meals, miscellaneous, transport, etc. 

Career Opportunities at IIM Raipur 

As you might have noticed, studying at IIM Raipur is an expensive affair. However, the returns on investment are much higher. Let us have a look at the career opportunities offered at IIM Raipur. 

IIM Raipur conducts a placement drive each year for its graduates. Students can choose if they want to be part of the recruitment drive or not. In the year 2021, over 150 companies were recruiters at the placement drive. According to the institute’s statistics, as of 2021, the placement rate was a complete 100%. This means that every single graduate from IIM Raipur has been recruited. The statistics also depict the salaries offered to IIM Raipur graduates. The highest salary offered to an IIM Raipur graduate is INR 20,00,000+ and the average salary offered to a graduate from IIM Raipur is INR 12,00,000+. In addition, graduates were recruited by international companies and the highest international salary offered was INR 30,00,000+.  

It is essential to note these salaries are offered to you initially when you begin working. However, as you begin to gain experience and knowledge, your salary is bound to increase. This means that within a year or two, you can easily retrieve the amount you spend on your education at IIM Raipur due to the career opportunities offered by the institute. 

We hope this article on IIM Raipur eligibility criteria for GMAT candidates helped. And, as we have also mentioned the programs offered, the fee structure, and the career opportunities offered at IIM Raipur, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision. 


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