Are you preparing for the GMAT? Is the preparation process causing exhaustion? And, are you dreading the exam as the date approaches? We will help you overcome all the stress you are feeling and help you have a positive attitude. So here are a few  tips on how to maintain a positive GMAT-itude.

Preparing for the GMAT can be an arduous task. Most students preparing for the GMAT feel mental and physical fatigue early on causing a hindrance to their performance on the exam day. In addition, most students are constantly stressed and overwhelmed due to the rigorous preparation processes. You must wonder how to overcome the exam stress? The key is to maintain a positive attitude till the exam day, or rather a positive GMAT-itude! 

We have listed some tips for you so that you can maintain a positive GMAT-itude and perform well on the exam day. 

Tips to Maintain a Positive GMAT-itude 

Here are some tips and tricks that you can incorporate to maintain a positive attitude: 

Avoid Negative Thoughts 

To begin with, try your best to avoid any kind of negative thoughts that might linger on your mind. These thoughts will force you to think of the worst-case scenario, sending you into a spiral of panic. So, when you are beginning to feel anxious or negative thoughts cross your mind, try to pursue an engaging activity to distract yourself from these thoughts. 

Seek Help

If you are confident with your preparation and are finding it difficult to prepare for the GMAT by yourself, you can always seek help. You can ask a friend to be your study buddy or you can even ask a family member to keep a check on your progress with your preparation regularly.  You can also look for online forums where you can interact with fellow GMAT candidates or even seek guidance from those who have already taken the GMAT. If all else fails, you can consider investing in a coaching service such as CareerLabs, as they will help you not only with preparation but will provide you shortcuts to solve questions within minutes. Additionally, you will get an opportunity to get trained by some of the well-known professors who have scored 700+ in the GMAT themselves. 

Avoid Overthinking

The biggest hurdle while preparing for any exam is to keep your thoughts at bay. When these thoughts go awry, panic begins to set in. Similarly, with the GMAT, it is extremely important to keep calm while preparing. Do not fall prey to overthinking! Overthinking and anxiety lead to low confidence and we do not want that when attempting a competitive exam like the GMAT. To help you tackle overthinking, you can always reaffirm that you are preparing for the exam in the best way possible. When you are calm and confident, you will have a better hold on things and you will be able to write the exam with a positive mindset.

Avoid an Early Burnout

Preparing for the GMAT is physically and mentally exhausting. To avoid early burnout and mental fatigue, you can incorporate activities that you enjoy. Some of these activities can include painting, reading, watching a  movie, and going for a long walk. If you are someone who gets extremely anxious while preparing for the GMAT, you can try to soothe yourself by incorporating some breathing exercises into your routine regularly. Additionally, it is very important to keep fit, so make sure you are physically active, this can include jogging, running, swimming, playing a sport or even taking a short 15-minute walk. Being physically active will refresh your mind and help you relax, which will in turn help avoid early burnout and mental fatigue.

Focus on Weak Areas 

Drafting an effective study plan is very crucial to your GMAT preparation process. While you are drafting your study plan, you must allow an extra amount of time to focus on your weaknesses or areas that you struggle with. If you are confident with a specific concept or section, try to practice as many sample questions as possible. If you find yourself struggling with time, you can always develop strategies for each section you attempt. Strategising for the GMAT will not only help you complete each section within the time frame, but it will also help you spend extra time on your weaker areas so that you can attempt them with utmost precision. Besides, working on your weak areas will help boost your confidence, as you will begin solving questions you once struggled with. So, keep practising till you are confident with all the fundamental concepts necessary for the GMAT.

We hope these tips will help you maintain a positive GMAT-itude. If you incorporate them into your schedule, you can ace the exam while maintaining a positive outlook throughout your preparation process. You need to approach the examination with confidence, knowing that you have prepared thoroughly and try to distract yourself from any other thoughts that might tell you otherwise. Your efforts will not go in vain, just do your best!


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