Need some extra assistance with your GMAT preparation? You might want to consider enrolling for a GMAT course to help you with the preparation. Before we tell you all about GMAT courses and how you should choose the best one, let us explore a bit about the GMAT exam. 

Is GMAT Required for MBA?

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a globally recognised exam that is usually taken by young professionals and students who are seeking admission into management schools or business schools in India or overseas. It tests their analytical, logical, critical thinking and writing skills. These are skills that are expected of a person that holds a managerial position, hence, an MBA programme nurtures and polishes these skills of an individual. Therefore, a GMAT score is absolutely necessary to determine whether a candidate is capable of pursuing an MBA degree or not.  The exam is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and lasts around three and a half hours. 

What Does the GMAT Exam Include?  

The GMAT exam includes four sections— Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Integrated reasoning, and Analytical reasoning. The sections test you on the following: 

  1. Verbal reasoning – tests your reading skills, vocabulary and your ability to comprehend paragraphs within a given amount of time.
  2. Quantitative reasoning –  tests your problem solving skills and knowledge in arithmetic, algebra, and data interpretation.  
  3. Integrated reasoning–  tests your ability to analyse data, interpret and decipher graphic illustrations.
  4. Analytical writing – tests your writing skills, syntax, grammar and your ability to draft a coherent essay

The score range, duration and  the number of questions for each section is as follows:

Section  No.of Questions Duration  Score range
Verbal Reasoning 3665 minutes 6 to 51, increases by one-point increment 
Quantitative Reasoning 3162 minutes 6 to 51, increases by one-point increment
Integrated Reasoning 12 30 minutes 0 to 6, increases by half-point increment
Analytical Writing 130 minutes 1 to 8, increases by one-point increment

GMAT Score

The aggregate of the scores of the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning contribute to the total GMAT score. The total GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800. The verbal and quantitative reasoning are both multiple-choice questions and are calculated with identical score ranges which makes it easier to compare, contrast and arrive at an aggregate. 

Are you wondering what a good GMAT score is? A good GMAT score is a score above 700 or 700 itself. The  average GMAT score is 600 or a little over 600. However, what counts as a good GMAT score is highly influenced by the GMAT cut off scores set by your preferred university. Hence, it is imperative you check the GMAT score requirements of the universities you are planning on applying to.

GMAT Preparation 

Your GMAT preparation might take a couple of months, which is why you would require some tips and tricks to get started. A few tips and tricks for GMAT preparation are as follows:

  1. Study plan: An efficient way to prepare is to curate a productive study plan. The study plan must dedicate an equal amount of time to each section of the GMAT. More so, to come up with a good study plan, you should know what is the syllabus of the GMAT exam.
  2. Fundamental concepts: Before you begin the GMAT preparation, you need to know what are the subjects in GMAT. Once you are aware of the subjects you will be tested on, you have to thoroughly learn the fundamental concepts and ideas. This will make your preparation process a lot easier.
  3. Strengths and weaknesses: Alongside your GMAT preparation, try and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified your weaknesses, make sure to allot an extra amount of time to work on them.
  4. GMAT Course: If you are finding it difficult to prepare for the GMAT yourself, you can always seek assistance from the numerous GMAT courses that help you prepare and revise efficiently for the GMAT. 

About GMAT Course: How to Find the Best Online Course for GMAT 

Are you wondering how to identify the best GMAT course to help you with your GMAT preparation? The best GMAT course would be the one which is a right fit for you and hence, it would depend on your personal preferences. There are a couple of factors that influence the choice of the GMAT course, and why it is the right fit for you. Use these factors to identify the best online course for GMAT:

  • GMAT Course Schedules

As GMAT is an addition to your day-to-day schedule, make sure that the course you pick up does not interfere with your other personal commitments or responsibilities. In addition, you should check whether they offer study plans for you or help you draft one, and the time they would take to complete the entire GMAT syllabus. 

  • GMAT Course Cost 

Applying for the GMAT and for a graduate program proves to be an extremely expensive affair. Pursuing a GMAT course, hence, will be an additional cost. It is advisable to choose a course which is efficient and affordable  to ease the financial pressure in the future.

  • GMAT Course Material

Sample question papers or practice tests play a vital role in your GMAT preparation. Not only do the practice tests help you revise, but they also help you analyse how well you fare and which sections need more work. Since the GMAT is an adaptive exam, you will require access to advanced question banks in order to be well prepared. Hence, when choosing your GMAT course, check if you are provided with sufficient practice tests, sample question papers and adaptive questions as well.

  • GMAT Syllabus 

As you will be choosing a GMAT course for extra guidance, it is important to have a look at the study materials provided to you by the course you are choosing to enroll with. You can always request for sample study materials, so you can judge the quality of the content being provided to you. If you feel the quality of the course is not upto the mark, then this is not the right course for you.

We have given you a comprehensive overview about GMAT courses and have also told you how to choose the right GMAT course to help you with your preparation. So, gear up and start preparing!


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