There are several educational institutions and coaching centres that now offer GMAT training. With a wide range of programmes and discounts to choose from, students are often left confused as to which is the best GMAT prep course? If you’re also amongst those who are planning to take the GMAT and are wondering how to find the best GMAT prep programs, read this article to learn more about the essential factors to consider before enrolling in a course.

Essential Criteria to Evaluate GMAT Prep Courses

When looking for the best GMAT courses available in the market, it is essential to consider a few factors. If you’ve run a search on google and looked for the best GMAT prep course GMAT club or Quora, then you may have come across a few similar responses on the lines that GMAT can be studied and cracked without you having to enrol in a prep course, or that you can simply rely on the official guide. 

While most of the responses mentioned on online forums can be true, to a large extent they’re personal opinions of individuals who are either well versed with the basic underlying concepts or are academically gifted. However, even if you’re academically talented, the advantages of enrolling in a GMAT Prep course are that you get access to time management strategies and tricks that help you pick up the pace. Hence, based on the aforementioned reasons we have curated a set of criteria that you should look out for in a GMAT preparation course.

  1. Access to study material

One of the most essential aspects of the best GMAT prep course India is access to a wide range of study material that provides you exposure to exam-like questions. Furthermore, a good GMAT programme will not only cover the GMAT syllabus using the official guide but also incorporate their own teaching material thereby providing you with the opportunity to solve a wide range of questions.

  1. Mock tests

A good GMAT prep course should offer a minimum number of mock tests that cover the duration of the course, so as to help you gauge your level of progress throughout the programme. While there is no fixed number, a minimum of four mock tests is a good number of mock tests required to gauge your progress.

  1. Diagnostic tools

No matter how much you practice and how many GMAT practice tests you take, it is of no use if you don’t get the right analysis of your performance. Hence, the best GMAT courses diagnose your performance by taking the scores of your mock tests and highlighting your weaker areas that need attention and stronger areas that can be further enhanced.

  1. Professional trainers

Last but not least, experienced trainers who themselves have aced the GMAT. With the help of experienced trainers, you will find the right guidance and mentorship to help you overcome any challenges that may arise in your GMAT preparation.

There you go, now that we have mentioned all that you need to consider before enrolling in the best GMAT prep programs that you see online, you’re better positioned to take a thorough look and can carry out the research needed.


  1. Are GMAT online classes better than traditional coaching?

Both online and traditional classroom methods of learning are equally good. However, it depends on your preference of learning. If you are someone looking for more flexibility, then GMAT online coaching is a better option.

  1. Is the GMAT tough?

Without the right preparation method and study material, the GMAT can be a tough exam to undergo. Not only are the questions challenging on the test, the time allotted for each question is also quite less. Hence, it is better to look for a reputed training institute to help you learn the concepts tested on the GMAT.

  1. Does the GMAT have a calculator?

No, all mathematical calculations will have to be done manually but you will be provided with a scratch pad to make any notes.


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