Preparing for the GMAT? Are you exhausted even before the exam? Do not worry! We will list a few ways to take a break between your studies throughout the day. 

Preparing for the GMAT is a rather tedious process as it requires a lot of dedication and commitment. But, due to this, it can also get overwhelming and can exhaust you in the process. Hence, a very important way to cope with the stress of preparing for the exam is to take regular breaks in between to refresh and rejuvenate. Some students struggle to take breaks while studying as they feel it disrupts their flow and some other students find it difficult to go back to studying after they have taken a break. As a result, students are either exhausted by the exam day as they have barely taken any breaks or they are cramming in all information at the last minute because they took too many breaks! 

Now, are you wondering if there is a solution for this? Then let’s tell you there is. The solution to preparing for the GMAT efficiently without it leading to burnout is to take regular and mindful breaks. So, let us take a look at some tips that you can incorporate into your schedule to take mindful breaks throughout the day.

How to Take a Break Between Your Studies Through the Day?

To start with, you need to draft a schedule with a proper study plan in place. While drafting a study plan, you need to dedicate a feasible amount of time to take mindful breaks to avoid burnout. However, these study breaks that you take need to energise and refresh you so that you can get back to studying with ease. 

Here are some ways you can take a break mindfully and return to your studies refreshed: 

Take a Walk

An easy and simple way to refresh yourself is to take a long walk during your break. You must have been stuck in your room all day studying, so taking a walk outside will help you move around and will help you get some fresh air. Additionally, a change of space will help break the monotony of studying all day. 

Stretch and Exercise

When studying with utmost concentration, you tend to sit in the same position for hours together. To remedy that, doing a couple of at-home exercises will help you stretch your body and refresh your mind. This also helps in relieving any exam stress or anxiety that your body and mind might be feeling. 

Take a Shower 

Taking a quick shower during your break will help you feel fresh and less lethargic. Especially, if you are feeling drained, taking a quick, hot shower will help you revitalise your body and mind. You can play music or sing at the top of your lungs to energise yourself and get back to studying feeling happy.

Cook a Meal

Studying and preparing for the GMAT is tiring, so to cope with the exhaustion you need to eat healthily. You can cook yourself a healthy meal in between studying and tackle two things at a time — taking a break and eating healthy. Cooking has been proved to be therapeutic when done mindfully. So, take a few moments to appreciate the sizzle, the sound of water boiling, and the aroma of the spices. When having your meal, do not rush through it and take a few more moments to appreciate the different tastes. Cooking and consuming a meal mindfully will ensure that you get back to your GMAT preparation refuelled with a happy tummy and a happy mind!

Engage in Creative Activities 

You can engage in some creative activities while taking your breaks, such as painting, sketching, reading, or even journaling. This will help you engage your mind and help you channel your creativity.  Additionally, pursuing any recreational activities will help you relax and relieve any kind of mental fatigue. 

What Should You Avoid During Breaks?

We have listed a couple of activities you can incorporate into your schedule to take mindful breaks. Now, let’s look at a list of activities you should avoid as they will hinder your preparation and leave you unfocused. 

Reduce Screen Time 

You cannot avoid using electronic devices such as your phone or laptop while preparing for the GMAT. However, you can avoid browsing through your phones aimlessly. Browsing through social media is a black hole you do not want to get sucked into, so make it a point to limit your screen time as much as possible. 

Avoid Junk Food

While preparing for the GMAT, consuming junk food or ordering in might seem like the easiest way to satisfy your hunger. However, consuming junk food, although it is convenient, is extremely unhealthy and will make you feel rather lethargic. Feeling lethargic and not keeping fit can both affect your preparation severely. Hence, avoid junk food and switch over to healthy and nutritious food instead.

Avoid Naps 

It is natural to feel mentally and physically exhausted when preparing for the GMAT, having said that do not indulge in taking naps during your breaks. Contrary to other beliefs, taking a nap will only slow you down and make you feel lethargic. This will disrupt your focus and hinder the preparation process. However, if you are in dire need of a nap, try taking a power nap that lasts no longer than 20 minutes.

Avoid Excess Caffeine 

Most students feel coffee or any caffeine-based beverage is their best companion when preparing for the GMAT. It is true that caffeine keeps you awake and helps with your preparation. However, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine can make you jittery and irritable. This can affect your study plan and disrupt your preparation process. 

The above-mentioned points are the most ideal ways to take breaks between your studies throughout the day. We wish you all the best for your preparation. 


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