Are you wanting to pursue your higher education from Harvard but are sceptical about the high cost of studying? Read this article to learn more about Harvard university scholarships for Indian students that you can take advantage of.

List of Harvard University Scholarships for Indian Students

Universities understand the burden debt lays on a fresh graduate immediately after graduating. Hence, various universities offer financial aid in the form of scholarships so that financial burden does not hinder an applicant’s decision to enrol into a programme. Harvard University understands the difficulty students from developing nations face when choosing to study at the institution, thus, they offer a wide range of scholarships, particularly to those applying from India. 

Here is the list of Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students:

  1. Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship
  2. Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship
  3. The Robert S Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship
  4. HGSE Financial Aid
  5. Need-Based Scholarship 

Criteria to Apply for Harvard Scholarships for Indian Students

There are several criteria for each of the scholarship programmes that students should keep an eye out for. Here are the criteria for each of the aforementioned Harvard scholarships for Indian Students:

  • Horace W Goldsmith Fellowship

You will automatically be considered for the scholarship once you gain admission into the university and for the programme you choose to study at the university. However, to gain admission into a programme you need to have an undergraduate degree, a language test score of 7.5 on IELTS and 109 on TOEFL. Furthermore, some programmes may need prior work experience, for instance, an MBA. The scholarship applications open between the months of January and March.

  •  Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

This scholarship can be applied between January and May in an academic year and is offered by the Boustany Foundation. To qualify for this scholarship, students must apply after gaining admission into the MBA programme at Harvard. Eligible students will be awarded the scholarship based on an interview. 

  • The Robert S Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship

This Harvard University scholarship for Indian students is automatically considered if you meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible you have to gain admission into a programme taught at the university. Hence, you should be eligible for the programme to be eligible for this scholarship.

  • HGSE Financial Aid

The HGSE Financial Aid is offered to students pursuing Ed.M. or PhD programmes at Harvard Graduate School of Economics. It is essential for those looking to take advantage of this financial aid to apply directly.

  • Need-Based Scholarship

As the name suggests, the need-based scholarship is awarded to those who are in need of financial grants to pursue their education at Harvard. Applicants are required to submit an application and will be considered based on a background check carried out by the university.

These are some of the Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students that will help reduce the cost of studying abroad at a top-ranked business school.

Now that you know the various scholarships offered by the business school, you’re better positioned to plan your finances and application process.

All the best! 


1) How much funding can I expect from the Boustany Foundation’s MBA scholarship?

While the scholarship programme covers accommodation and travel, an applicant can expect up to $95,00 for a period of two years. This grant is applicable to the tuition fee.

2) How can I know if I am eligible for a Harvard Scholarship?

There are several criteria based on which the university offers scholarships. While few scholarships are awarded automatically based on your application and profile, few scholarships require applying directly

3) What should I do to improve my chances for a scholarship?

While the university has its own criteria to award scholarships, an applicant can improve his or her chances by demonstrating strong leadership skills through work experience, a positive recommendation letters from superiors or colleagues, strong sense of purpose through SOPs and a high GPA in the Bachelor’s programme. 


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