If you have decided to pursue your Master’s degree either in India or overseas then you must be aware about the GRE and GMAT exams. Your GMAT and GRE scores are vital for your admissions into any renowned university both in India and abroad. Therefore, it is essential that you are well prepared to attempt these exams. This will be possible provided you have external assistance in the form of GRE GMAT coaching classes. When you enrol for such classes, there are several points to look for so that you select the best coaching class suited to your needs and requirements. Let us help you with some suggestions on how to choose the best GRE GMAT coaching for your needs. 

Tips to Choose the Best GRE GMAT Coaching Centre

  • Faculty: This is one of the first things you should check before you proceed to select a coaching centre. The staff must be sufficiently experienced in teaching students and must be well-versed with the entire syllabus of the exams. They should be aware of all the latest updates introduced in any topic or section of the GRE GMAT exam. You can even check the method and style of teaching adopted by the teachers by signing up for demo GRE GMAT classes.
  • Previous results achieved: The past achievements of a coaching centre determines their success rate in comparison to other institutes. You will be able to evaluate their performance and success by looking at the statistics on their websites. For example – 100 students qualifying out of 500 students is a commendable achievement than 500 students qualifying out of 10000. Do pay attention to these details before you finalise on an institute and in turn boost your GRE GMAT preparation.
  • Expense/Fees: You can compare the coaching fees and cost of different institutes to decide which is more suitable for you. In general, the cost of each batch is around 15,000 to 20,000 INR per year.
  • Subject Speciality: It is essential for the faculty and staff to be specialists in the subjects which they teach. This will help you to learn the subjects of the GRE GMAT exam in an easier manner.
  • Quality of Education: This is yet another crucial aspect which should not be overlooked. The standard of education provided at these institutes must be excellent since there are multiple institutes offering GRE GMAT prep services and not all of them are credible.
  • Study Materials: The study materials or GRE GMAT preparation books must contain the latest updates, simplified and affordable.

We hope the above information will assist you to make an informed decision to decide the best GRE GMAT coaching institute according to your requirements.

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  1. Is coaching required for GRE GMAT preparation?

While it is possible to study on your own for the GRE GMAT exams, it is recommended that you opt for GRE GMAT coaching to help boost your preparation efforts. They will help you with a dedicated study plan, credible study materials, and a large set of sample papers/mock exams.

  1. How much does GRE GMAT coaching cost?

The cost of GRE GMAT coaching differs according to the institute you enrol with. However online coaching is more affordable in comparison to traditional coaching classes. The estimated cost range starts from INR 5000 and can go up to as much as INR 50,000 or more based on the kind of service you opt for.

  1. How many days is required for GRE GMAT preparation?

The ideal preparation time for GRE and GMAT exams is 3 months. This allows sufficient time for intensive and dedicated preparation efforts. You will be able to cover all the topics of the syllabus and practice with mock exams and sample papers within this time period. You will also be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.


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