Preparing for the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test can be pretty challenging. GMAT is a multiple-choice computer-based aptitude test that makes a candidate eligible to apply for graduate business programs anywhere worldwide. GMAT also makes you eligible to apply for an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Since preparing for GMAT is an organised activity, GMAT online webinars have emerged as a viable alternative to classroom training. This article informs you everything about GMAT webinars for making your GMAT preparation process seamless and result-oriented. 

What is a GMAT Webinar?

Candidates with a management degree from an international university get enhanced exposure in the market. However, between their dreams and reality, something called GMAT stands as the gatekeeper.

Clearing this examination requires patience, grit, and determination. GMAT online webinars from top-class educational platforms take away the pain of visiting an institute by putting your life at risk during the pandemic. Reputed online platforms like CareerLabs offer free GMAT online webinars for students willing to clear GMAT in their first attempt.

A GMAT webinar is an online training program that assures the best preparation for the GMAT exam from the convenience of your home. Educational institutions generally provide lessons through online streaming, replete with one-to-one interactions with expert mentors, mock tests, question banks, etc. 

GMAT webinars are generally divided into two phases. In the first phase, you can expect 150 hours of helpful GMAT preparation content — of which 60 hours are usually dedicated to GMAT basics — and more than 3500 practice questions. Phase 2 usually comprises more than 40 hours of online training webinars and 700 practice questions, along with short-duration mentor and Subject Matter Expert-led video lessons.  

GMAT online webinars are intended to streamline preparation and teach apt skills required to clear this critical examination. 

8 Reasons To Opt for GMAT Webinars in 2021

Attending GMAT online webinars offers various benefits like convenience, time-tested study and practice materials, mock tests, face-to-face mentoring sessions, and a host of other features. The following are the key advantages of GMAT online webinars: 

  1. Syllabus Sensitisation – A GMAT webinar generally starts with a discussion of the syllabus. The GMAT syllabus is divided into four sections – Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Integrated Reasoning. The time allotted to complete the sections is 62 minutes, 65 minutes, 30 minutes, and 30 minutes, respectively. Online webinars provide you with timed exercises and proven techniques to solve the questions quickly.
  2. No Upper Age Limit – Like the GMAT examination, there is no upper age limit for enrolling in a GMAT online webinar. Anyone above the age of 18 can register for the webinar and appear at the GMAT exam. However, MBA colleges might have their specific requirements for allowing applications. As an example, the average age of MBA students at the Harvard Business Campus is 27 years. 
  3. Flexibility – GMAT online webinars can be accessed from anywhere. The only prerequisite is a digital device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., and an operational internet network. Moreover, unlike conventional classes, you can access the resources anytime. However, you need to be present during the one-to-one mentoring sessions.
  4. Hones Your Soft Skills – Besides providing you with relevant tests, practice exercises, and easy-to-understand lessons, GMAT online webinars also make you more focused by sharpening your mental skills. Firstly, candidates learn time management, as managing time is crucial for achieving success in this timed test. Secondly, these training sessions enhance your verbal and writing skills and help you develop quantitative aptitude. Since GMAT is a computer-based test, attending webinars increases your familiarity with computers to excel in the actual test.
  5. Targeted Content – GMAT webinars provide you with carefully curated content that adequately covers crucial topics important in the exam. You can identify weak areas, read the lessons, and practice the exercises multiple times to improve your understanding. Unlike conventional classes, you can access these webinars anytime you want.
  6. One-to-One Sessions – Reputed educational platforms like CareerLabs conduct live mentoring sessions for all students enrolled in the GMAT prep program. In these live classes, you can meet top subject matter experts from the industry with proven expertise. Such flip class lectures help you clarify your doubts and remain better equipped to handle the exam day pressure.  
  7. Thoughtful Practice – When you are in a class, you have to compete with others to raise your point. Some students feel shy, and their shyness impedes the learning process. Moreover, classroom lectures are temporary. A webinar outscores classroom lectures since you can watch the pre-recorded webinars anytime you want and ask as many questions as you like in live sessions. Speakers usually reserve a specific slot for solving students’ queries. 
  8. Pocket-Friendly – GMAT webinars take better care of your pocket than physical classes in brick-and-mortar institutes. Generally, GMAT coaching institutes charge anything between INR 30,000 and 50,000 for live classes. The same fee comes down to INR 5,000 and 15,000 for best-in-class online GMAT webinars. Additionally, educational platforms like CareerLabs offer free GMAT classes for you to understand the syllabus and learn about techniques to score above 700 in the GMAT exam on your first attempt. 


Scoring 700 in the GMAT exam can be easy when you have the right approach and methodical study materials to prepare for the exam. 

CareerLabs offers structured preparation with industry-leading faculty, proven and patented techniques, online+offline and flip classes, on-demand doubt clearing sessions, and a Diagnostic Toolkit Software to spot errors and improve accuracy.

You can access over 150 hours of video webinars, 3500 practice questions, and 50 hours of flip class webinars. GMAT online webinars, coupled with carefully curated GMAT content by CareerLabs, prepare you to aspire for 700 in your first attempt.


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