To pursue a masters degree, students are required to write a few standardized admission tests. Especially for the MBA, there are various tests organized nationally and internationally.

In the USA, the SAT is an entrance exam for college readiness. The SAT is owned and published by the College Board, a private, for-profit corporation. Usually, students get confused over the tests required to study abroad to pick up a specialization. Outlined below is the information which will guide you to choose which graduate admission tests would be the most significant to you.

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Abbreviation Graduate Management Admission Test Earlier known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. Now only SAT
Target Audience Business schools Applicants College Applicants
Accepted by International Business Schools International colleges
Purposes Evaluating student’s suitability in B-schools Evaluating student’s suitability in college academics
Subjects Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Skills Writing, Critical Reading, and Mathematics
Duration 3 hours 30 minutes 3 hours 50 minutes
Test contents Analytical writing assessment, Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning Grammar, Usage, Diction, Number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics, probability, and data analysis, Vocabulary, Critical reading, and sentence-level reading
Scoring 200-800 1600-2400
Cost US$250 (worldwide) $54.50 (plus additional fees if testing outside the United States)
Frequency 5 times per year 7 times per year
Result needed 400-600 800/section (Essay reported separately)

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