GMAT or SAT — which do you opt for? Isn’t this something that you have thought of often? And, haven’t most of you been confused about the two? Well, the GMAT and SAT are two examinations for entirely different purposes, and should not be confused with one another. While the SAT is an exam you can take in your final year or right after high school as a component of your application for a bachelor’s program, the GMAT exam is for securing admission into a postgraduate business program, or a master’s degree.

Refer to the table below to understand — GMAT vs SAT — the key facts and differences between these examinations.

Table of Differences between GMAT and SAT

Full formGraduate Management Admission TestEarlier known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. Now only SAT
Target AudienceApplicants to postgraduate business programsHigh school students who are looking to apply for a bachelor’s degree
Accepted byPostgraduate business programs across the worldGraduate-level programs across the world
PurposesEvaluating student’s suitability for higher education in the management fieldEvaluating student’s suitability for college-level academics
Test sectionsQuantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated ReasoningReading, Writing & Language, Math, Essay (optional)
Duration3 hours 30 minutes3 hours 50 minutes
ScoringMinimum 200 to a maximum of 800Minimum 1600 to a maximum of 2400
Cost in IndiaUSD 250USD 101 without the essay and USD 117 if opting for the essay
Attempts5 attempts in a year maximum, with a gap of at least 16 days between each attempt. 8 attempts for a single candidate in a lifetime.5 attempts in a year maximum. Unlimited attempts for a single candidate in a lifetime.

The above table covers the important facts and differences between the SAT and GMAT examinations.

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Test your knowledge on GMAT topics with the following quiz.

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According to the analysis made by the political analyst, the young Independent candidate will win the upcoming election. He only trails his opponent by one percentage point among male voters, but his strong favourability with youth has him leading by three full percentage points among young voters.

Which of the following, if true, would most call the argument above into question?

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The new mandate requires every American to wear masks on public transport, planes, trains, ships, and intercity buses, as well as airports.

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In a certain fruit basket, number of apples, oranges and mangoes are in the ratio of 6: 7: 10 respectively. If there are twelve more mangoes in the basket than the apples, then how many oranges are there in the basket?

Your score is

The average score is 24%


Now that you’re aware of the key difference between the SAT vs GMAT, you’re better positioned to choose the right exam for your admission requirement. However, it is important to note that both exams are likely to be taken by you at very different junctures in your life. Evaluate which graduate-level or postgraduate entrance test you need to take based on what kind of program you want to be admitted to, and then create a study plan to help you with your preparation. We at CareerLabs wish you luck no matter what stage of your academic career you are at!


  1. Is GMAT harder than the SAT?

Yes, the GMAT is considered to be harder than the SAT exam due to the nature of the questions asked in both exams. While some sections do tend to overlap, the GMAT evaluates specific skills of test takers such as problem-solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills, the SAT tends to be more straightforward in comparison to the GMAT.

  1. Is it tough to score above 700 on the GMAT?

A score of 700 and above is considered to be competitive when applying for admissions to universities. However, this requires a lot of hard work and strategic planning by test takers. You must ensure to study in a systematic manner and cover all the important topics, learn all the tips and tricks to solve questions in a quick and accurate manner.

  1. What is the difference between GMAT and SAT?

While both GMAT and SAT are multiple choice standardized tests they are both different on various aspects. For one, the SAT is a straightforward test that covers basic concepts in the quantitative section like – Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic etc. On the other hand, GMAT evaluates the test takers on the above topics as well as on statistics, probability and more complex topics. The GMAT is an entrance exam for candidates who wish to pursue their MBA degree and the SAT is an exam for candidates who want to pursue their graduate studies overseas. The scoring for GMAT is between 200-800 and for the SAT it is between 1600-2400.


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