Syllabus for GMAT Exam

Objective The critical reasoning section tests the ability to analyze and evaluate the arguments. This section needs to be approached strategically. It includes four different question types- Assumptions, explanation, inference and method of reasoning and each has its own corresponding strategy. Reasoning skill is very important not just to score high in GMAT exam but also for success in business school.

Strategy: In all Critical Reasoning questions, You will be available with one correct answer and four tempting and confusing statements for the other choices. Test Takers who read the arguments and reached aimlessly into the answer choices without any further thought gets puzzled and they spend a lot of time on CR questions.

The best thing to do is try to find out the assumption of the argument, undercutting the assumption of an argument is the best way to strengthen or weaken it. By finding the assumption, you may find the flaw of the argument. Try to formulate the task in your own word

For Example:

  1. What type of information do I need to find for this CR question type?
  2. What type of analysis will I need to do on that information?
  3. What characteristics should I expect of the appropriate answer?
  4. What characteristics should I expect of the wrong answers?

The clearer you will be on what type of argument will satisfy the question, the quicker you will be finding the appropriate answer to your question.


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