Twenty days left for your GMAT exam and you are struggling to prepare? Do not worry, we will help you draft a GMAT Preparation plan for the last 20 days. 

The last 20 days are very crucial for your preparation, this is usually the time when you should be revising and taking the last mock test. This is also when you give yourself enough time to relax. So here’s how you can plan your last 20 days of preparation. 

Points to Remember for Your GMAT Preparation in Last 20 Days

Here are a couple of pointers you could incorporate with your 20 days preparation plan:

  • Draft a Study Plan 

If you have been preparing for the GMAT for months, you would have had a good understanding of the GMAT syllabus and would have completed preparing for the GMAT sections. In addition, you would have identified your strengths and weaknesses and would have worked on them. A well-drafted study plan will ensure that you have completed preparing for the GMAT sections within the stipulated time. Your 20 day plan should mostly include revising all the concepts that you have studied over the other weeks. 

  • Take a Mock Test

A key element that enhances your preparation process is attempting mock tests periodically. They prove to be beneficial in self-evaluating your progress.  They also assist you in identifying areas you are most likely to commit errors in and. In addition, mock tests help you in acquainting yourself with the testing patterns of the GMAT exam, the marking schemes used, the time allotted for each section in the exam, the adaptive testing methods, and the time allotted for breaks. So, if you have twenty days left, just take one mock test but take it at least a week or two before the actual GMAT exam.

  • Work on Your Weaknesses

Use this time to work on your weaknesses as much as possible, it is important to find ways to rectify your errors and improve yourself. This will help you tackle your weaker areas on the day of the examination. Another thing to keep in mind is to solve the answers correctly and within the time frame allotted to you during the exam. 

GMAT Preparation Plan in the Last 20 Days 

You will roughly have three weeks left with you before the GMAT exam, hence, as mentioned, by then most of your studies should have been completed, this is the time where you will be revising. So, let’s take you through our GMAT preparation in the last 20 days.

Week  One 

In the first week, you should focus on improving areas or sections you are still not confident about. Spend your first-week practising and working in your weaker areas. Besides, this is the time you can attempt free mock tests.  Attempting mock tests will also help you develop key strategies for attempting each section. It is important to time yourself when attempting the mock tests so that you have a general perception of how long it takes you to complete each section. This should mostly be your last mock test before the actual exam. 

Week Two

In the second week, you can focus on the GMAT Quantitative and GMAT Integrated Reasoning sections. You can spend a sufficient amount of time revising the fundamental concepts of these sections. This will also help you revisit any areas or concepts you struggle with. For the GMAT Quantitative section, you can create a formula sheet. The formula sheet will include all the formulas in different sections like – Algebra, Geometry, Number properties, and Data sufficiency.  You can use the formula sheet for your reference and your revision. 

For the GMAT Integrated Reasoning, spend a good amount of time attempting the practice questions. Attempting practice questions will help you gain a better understanding of the section and will help you develop strategies that will help you solve them quicker.

Week  Three

In the third week, you should focus on the GMAT Verbal  and GMAT Analytical Writing sections. In your final week of preparation, set some time aside to brush up on Verbal reasoning questions (Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction). You can test your vocabulary skills with the use of flashcards or online vocabulary games which are abundantly available. 

For the GMAT AWA section,  go through AWA essays with high scores to help you understand how to draft an essay that will fetch you a high score. It is important to note that the intention of this section is not to test your knowledge on the topics but to assess how proficient you are in the English language.

We hope to have drafted a good GMAT preparation plan for the last 20 days. It is important to stay calm and relaxed through the last 20 days of your preparation as well. Hence, it is important to incorporate some activities to help you with the same. 


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