What is a Forum? 

An internet forum or a message board are mediums available on the internet to share ideas and views over the internet. With the advent of social media, several such forums have emerged where people discuss topics on wide-ranging issues. In these forums, people discuss questions posted by other members of the group. Hence, GMAT forum clubs are also similar where GMAT aspirants post questions related to testing topics quant, AWA, verbal or IR and the members participate in the discussion, state their point and help clear doubts for one another.

What are the Advantages of a GMAT Forum?

Joining such forums has several advantages. Since test-takers can answer each other’s questions and reply to their queries, it helps save time and lets every GMAT test-taker who has taken the test or is going to take the test to interact with each other.

In the discussions that take place on GMAT forums online, you can answer someone’s question or find answers to questions you may have in detail. Furthermore, since information is on the internet it can be referenced in the future and most test-takers can revisit the question whenever needed. Moreover, discussing a particular question on an open forum gives multiple perspectives. Hence, GMAT test-takers can find different approaches to finding the right answer.

Since joining forums has no cost involved, GMAT test-takers who aren’t attending any GMAT prep classes or GMAT online coaching can find explanations to a particular topic absolutely free of cost. Furthermore, by finding like-minded people online, as a test-taker you can feel free to share your ideas on how one can improve their skills to crack the GMAT. In short, joining GMAT forum clubs provides the platform to encourage peer learning amongst test-takers across the globe. Now that we know what are the advantages of joining a GMAT forum, let’s understand the benefits of signing up to these forums as a member.

Here are the advantages of being a GMAT forum club member:

  1. Receive Counselling 

When preparing for a test like the GMAT, it is quite normal to feel overwhelmed and feel intimidated by the vast syllabus of the test. When you undergo such an intense situation repeatedly it may lead you to ultimately give up on preparing for the GMAT test. Hence, at times where you feel like you aren’t preparing well, you can turn to GMAT forums to post your concern and receive support on how other test-takers underwent a similar situation that you’re going through. Since there are several test-takers online, you’re bound to find a few who may empathise with your situation and provide you with GMAT preparation tips to help you strategize your study routine.

  1. Promotes Peer Learning

Recent studies have shown that peer learning helps students understand and remember concepts learned by way of group discussions and solving problems collectively. GMAT forum quiz available online are questions that usually are put up for anyone to solve and can post the solutions as comments. By trying to solve such questions and reading the approach other test-takers have mentioned, you learn better by way of group discussions.

  1. GMAT exam related questions

In the above section, we mentioned their numerous answers to one question. Hence without any shyness anyone could put any question in these forums and valuable and relevant answers are very necessary and can be used for future reference. You’ll get the answers to questions like how to prepare for a video interview?

  1. Solutions to quant and verbal questions

If you’re someone who is intimidated by the GMAT quant or verbal section in particular then GMAT forum quant or verbal related groups are specially meant to provide the necessary platform to offer support and guidance. Furthermore, experts on these forums usually demonstrate a step-by-step approach to solving certain questions posted as doubts by test-takers. Such forums play a key role in expressing your concerns and finding resolutions to the same.  Furthermore, forum members often recommend and share essential test material and guides that can prove to be handy to understand the concepts in detail.

To sum, GMAT forums play a crucial role in helping those test-takers who are engaged in self-study and are looking for peer support to help not only solve doubts but also offer support to those in need.

Now that you know what are the benefits of GMAT forums, you’re better aware of their benefits and can register for one when you feel the necessity.


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