Visakhapatnam is home to renowned business schools such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Alliance College of Management, GITAM Institute of Management, and Integral Institute of Advanced Management (IIAM). If you are keen on pursuing an MBA in any one of these institutes in Vizag, you need to prepare for the GMAT. Preparing for the GMAT requires utmost dedication and commitment from your end, and might not be as easy as one might think. To make the preparation process a little easier, you can seek assistance from GMAT coaching services. There are several GMAT coaching centres in Vizag that help you prepare for the GMAT efficiently. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the best coaching centres in Vizag are offering GMAT coaching online to make sure their students are safe. 

Most people are skeptical of online classes or courses as they believe the chances of being scammed are higher. However, with the right research, you can opt for GMAT coaching classes online which are best suited for you. Now, how are you to find credible GMAT coaching services? The key to opting for credible GMAT  coaching services is to look out for ones that provide you access to the official study material, official mock tests, question banks, and offer additional assistance in acquainting you with the exam pattern and how you can strategize for the GMAT. 

Is Online Coaching Beneficial?

Online classes over the past few years have been proven to be more beneficial than traditional classroom setups. Due to being available online, these classes can be pursued from the comfort of your home and any part of the world. This is very convenient for most exam takers situated all over the world. In addition to being convenient, online classes are also flexible. If you are a working professional preparing for the GMAT, you can opt for online classes according to your work schedule. Moreover, traditional classroom setups often have many hindrances and distractions that might lead to you losing focus. However, as opposed to traditional classroom setups, online classes have fewer distractions and you can even attend these classes from a quieter atmosphere such as a library or your room to avoid any external distractions. Additionally, online classes facilitate an innovative learning atmosphere as opposed to traditional classroom setups, as they make use of visual aids such as PowerPoint presentations, instructional videos, and virtual tools like the virtual whiteboard. 

Additional Services Provided by Coaching Institutes

Along with a good GMAT score, you need a well-drafted Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), a detailed resume, and sufficient work experience. Some GMAT coaching services also offer admission consultancy services. They help you tailor your application to the MBA program you wish to apply to. One such coaching service that helps you prepare for the GMAT, as well as assists with your admission procedure, is CareerLabs. To begin with, they help you get acquainted with the GMAT, the types of questions asked, they help you learn patented shortcuts to solve any question within a minute or two and more. Additionally, they assist you through your admission procedure and help you build a well-rounded profile. 

Below is a brief of the GMAT sections that you will be acquainted with by CareerLabs or any GMAT coaching centre in Vizag. The GMAT sections along with their duration and score range as follows: 

Sections Duration Score Range 
Verbal Reasoning 65 minutes 6 to 51 
Quantitative Reasoning 62 minutes 6 to 51 
Integrated Reasoning 30 minutes 1 to 8 
Analytical Writing Assessment 30 minutes 0 to 6 
Total GMAT score 3 hours 30 minutes 200 to 800

The total GMAT score is the sum of the scores of the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections. The Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment is measured separately and does not contribute to the total GMAT score. However, this does not mean you can take these sections lightly, they add a significant value to your MBA application. So, enroll into a GMAT coaching in Vizag that will prepare you for all the sections well and also one that will provide you with all additional services. 

To sum up, opting for an online coaching class offered by GMAT coaching centres in Vizag can be beneficial to you in more ways than one as mentioned. And, from the comfort of your home, you will be able to prepare for the exam efficiently.  


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