Ahmedabad is home to renowned B-schools in the country like IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad University, MICA, Rai University, and Nirma University.  Therefore, if you would like to pursue your MBA in these universities, then you must prepare for your GMAT exam. The next step in this process is to look out for centers that provide GMAT coaching in Ahmedabad to help you with your GMAT preparation. It is necessary to shortlist the ones that give you access to the best content, study material, mock tests and more so that you can reach your desired GMAT score. However, due to the covid 19 pandemic, the best coaching institutes in Ahmedabad are now offering online classes to ensure that students are safe. 

Over the years, the online mode of learning has become as effective and beneficial as classroom learning. From the comfort and safety of your homes, you get access to abundant study materials, question banks, sample questions, mock tests and more. Most importantly, you are guided by experts in the field and also get an opportunity to connect with them for one-on-one classes. With such one-on-one sessions, it becomes easier to clear all your doubts. Moreover, with online classes, you can balance work and studies and hence, won’t have to be stressed about either.  

Some of the best online coaching institutes also offer admissions consultancy services like preparing your SOP, LOR, and CV, etc. They all have a significant role to play in your admissions.

So, if you want to pursue your graduate and masters program from a recognized university, you need to be thoroughly prepared for your entrance exams. And, online coaching centers like CareerLabs guides you through your preparation. From acquainting you with the GMAT exam structure to helping you prepare for all four sections and more, experts in CareerLabs help you through it all. 

Below we have briefly mentioned the four sections of the GMAT exam that you will be acquainted with. 

The GMAT exam comprises 4 main sections, we have listed them down below along with the duration and section-wise mark split up.

Sections Duration  Marks 
Quantitative Aptitude  62 minutes 6-51
Analytical Writing  30 minutes  0-6 
Verbal Reasoning  65 minutes  6-51
Integrated Reasoning  30 minutes 1-8

The duration of the entire exam is  three and half hours, including the 8-minute breaks. You also get to choose the order in which you wish to attempt the sections in the exam. They order is as follows: 

  • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing 
  • Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing 
  • Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal

The GMAT, as you might be aware, is a computer adaptive test, which means that your performance in each section will determine the level of difficulty in the next section. To become well-versed with this format, it is essential that you practice with mock exams. Mock exams will acquaint you with the actual GMAT exam’s structure, question types, difficulty level of questions, the time you take to answer questions and more. Mock tests also help you to understand the total score that you are likely to achieve. 

In addition to attempting mock exams, you must also spend time on solving sample question papers. There is an abundance of sources online from where you can download these sample questions and solved sample papers. Most GMAT coaching centers in Ahmedabad provide authentic sample questions (questions that would have appeared previously on the GMAT exams). However, if you are planning to download them from the internet, then make sure that they are from credible sources only. 

Besides your GMAT score,  a good SOP (Statement of Purpose), CV (Curriculum Vitae) and essay is required for you to make it into the business school of your choice, so make sure the GMAT coaching in Ahmedabad that you choose provides you with all such services. If you require exemplary and invaluable assistance, you can enroll in CareerLabs from any part of the world. Our exceptional faculty members will be happy to guide you through your GMAT preparation. 

Good Luck!

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