In recent days, Tablets have become one of the most common tools for learning. There’s a wealth of options available, range of apps to enhance learning through appropriate and effective use of technologies available. Byju’s Classes, ranked as the best GMAT training solution in India utilized this advancement in technology to provide GMAT exam preparation through tablets. Being first of its kind in India and the only tablet learning provider in India we pioneered in the tablet learning space. Here you can see a Demo on Byju’s GMAT Tablet Course. The GMAT course comes preloaded in a Byju’s Tablet Lenovo which can be used as a normal tablet as well on completing your preparation for the exam.

man holding tablet computer

Our portable solution to learning through tablets makes it convenient for you to start your preparation anywhere and at any time. This helps you to plan the timing for your GMAT exam preparation between your busy schedule of studies or work and personal lives. Unlike the stringent schedules which coaching classes will have where you will have to follow the lesson plan, timings, etc, with tablet mode of learning you can choose what to learn, how long to learn, and when to learn as well as per your convenience.

Our GMAT training program focuses on the core concepts which will help you to build a strong foundation for exam preparation. We have this unique mathematical approach to solve ‘Reading comprehension’ which helps you to save time and answer quickly. These techniques are bound to assist you to overcome any concerns you may have with answering questions in the verbal section. Practicing mock questions on the tab will also help you with answering the actual questions in the GMAT as well. You will get familiar with the pattern of questions that you are likely to come across in the final exam.

The tab mode of learning is most preferred in recent days when everyone is dependent on technology for their every need and requirement. With the tablet, you will get up to date information which might not be possible with textbook method of learning. Additionally, the tablet provides a plethora of options to study from like – videos, elaborate presentations, interactive group discussions at online forums, even learning vocabulary can be made more engaging through the use of flashcards through the tab based mode of learning.

In addition to the questions and solutions from our expert trainers, we provide you the solutions to the actual GMAT questions. We provide detailed analytics feedback that will give you a detailed analysis of your strength and weaknesses and provides you with accurate trends in your solutions. You can see a Diagnostic button to show you the reason for your weakness at a particular section and it will be instantly available to you. You will be able to modify your preparation efforts accordingly and change your study plans as per your strengths and weaknesses.

We have included 3000 questions in this tab, that will allow you to access the best GMAT practice tests and GMAT sample papers, that you can practice at any time. Want to try our tab learning? Or get more details on the cost of Careerlabs classes? Just text your name, email and contact no. to +91 6366004441, or you can write to us at


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