Starting your MBA application process? Are you keen on understanding how co-curricular and extracurriculars enhance your MBA application? Just like any university application,co-curricular and  extracurriculars for an MBA application is just as important. So, let us have a look at how they enhance your MBA application. 

Are you wondering what extracurricular activities refer to? An extracurricular is any activity you have pursued beyond the scope of academics. It can be a club or society you have joined or can even be a particular hobby you enjoy. Also, some standardised elements of every application would also include co-curricular activities such as seminars you participated in, research papers, research projects, LORs and an unpaid internship with an NGO. 

While students naturally take up co-curricular activities, most seem to overlook extracurricular activities. They feel that putting down extracurriculars on their resumes does not add significant value. However, this is not true. The admissions committee pays heed to extracurricular activities, as they are keen on understanding what skills you have gained through your own experiences outside the academic space. 

Now you must wonder, how do extracurriculars add value to an MBA application?  We will explore this in the next section. 

How Do Extracurriculars Enhance Your MBA Application? 

As mentioned above, the admissions committee looks at what activities a person has pursued and what skills they have gained outside of their school or college. When engaging in an extracurricular activity such as joining a theatre or a music club, or even a gardening club, you are bound to develop interpersonal skills such as teamwork, integrity, effective communication, leadership, and time management. In addition, you develop patience and a strong sense of responsibility. Now, these skills usually complement the kind of professional skills you gain during an MBA. Extracurriculars also enhance your MBA application by helping you develop certain social skills and crucial personality traits that will ultimately help you become a good student and a good employee. 

Extracurriculars also convince the admissions committee that you are actively involved with the community. This means you will likely be able to contribute to their campus in the future, and might even contribute to the university as an alumnus. Your potential to serve the college community continuously either as a student or as part of the alumni will certainly guarantee you an edge over other applicants. 

How to Emphasise Extracurricular Activities in Your MBA Application

We have briefly explained to you how extracurriculars add a significant value to your application. Now, here are some pointers or tips on how you can highlight the extracurriculars on your MBA application: 

  •  Avoid too many extracurriculars

Have you heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? With too many extracurriculars you will seem unmotivated and all over the place. It is better to have one or two extracurriculars on your application that you are dedicated to and have earnestly pursued. As opposed to multiple superficial extracurriculars you seem to have engaged with. 

  • Be passionate about the activity you pursue 

It is advisable to pursue an extracurricular activity that you are passionate about. It could be anything from tailoring to cooking, but do it with the utmost dedication and passion. Taking up an extracurricular for the sake of your application will not yield you any benefits. However, when you take up an activity with utmost dedication, there are chances you might excel in it. This might help you gain recognition and might even increase your confidence to participate in events or competitions. Participating in events and competitions is a bonus as it depicts your enthusiasm.

  • Align your extracurricular activities to those of the university

Before you begin your application, do a quick research of the university you are applying to. Pay attention to the university’s clubs and societies. Once you have done that, you will get an idea of which club or society you could be a part of. In your application, list the extracurricular activities that you participated in that are relatively closer to or similar to the clubs and societies that are part of the university. Besides, the admissions committee is not just looking for students with extracurriculars but for those students who prove to be assets to the university. Hence, by aligning your activities to match those of the university’s, you are indicating that you are a potential asset as you will contribute to the student community. 

In case you have no extracurricular or co-curricular activities to showcase, it is not too late to pursue one. You can begin by volunteering at any of the local NGOs in your area or take part in seminars. You can also sign up for a club you are interested in or you could also revive an old hobby or passion. Besides, if the admission committee is impressed with your co-curricular and extracurricular activities you have been a part of, you are also most likely to be granted a scholarship too.Now that we have talked about why co-curricular and extracurricular activities for an MBA application is important,  how it enhances your application and sets you apart from the rest of the candidates, it’s time you join a club or society if you haven’t yet. As you might be aware by now, it will prove to be beneficial for you in the future!  


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