As you gear up for your F1 US Visa Interview, we are sure you have scanned the internet with all the Dos and the Don’ts. However, not everything you find will be credible and add value. Most importantly not everything is out there. Hence, through this article we will share 10 things nobody will tell you about your F1 visa interview. So, keep reading!

  1. F1 US Visa interview is not as difficult as you might have made out in your head. It’s an interaction between 2 humans.(Just in case that needed a reminder).
  1. Be yourself, be candid, but don’t be outspoken. The interviewer is looking for a free flowing conversation, not a conversation where you overshare and overspeak.
  1. If you suspect an issue that might come up during your background check, be prepared with a clear reason that might help back yourself up.
  1. If you have visited an Islamic state in the past and that reflects on your passport, have a strong reason why you visited them in the first place. Green stamps on your passport call for some scrutiny.
  1. Be clear of how much cash you will carry; be assertive and confident when you answer such financial questions.
  1. Luck also plays a major role and at times a lot of geopolitical factors also count. So, if you don’t make it the first time, don’t feel that it is due to your background. It can be just luck!
  1. Have proof of your boarding plans such as hotel bookings or reservation receipt, invitation from the host and a copy of their passport, documents/proof from your tour operator, etc.
  1. Stay in constant touch with the organization/college/individual inviting you there. Establish a strong contact with your host.
  1. Keep your bank records clean, and file all your income taxes, and pay all pending government dues, before applying for your F1 student visa.
  1. Finally, you have to relax and have faith in yourself. You have got this! But if you cannot make it, don’t be disappointed. It’s not the end of the road.

We hope these tips are helpful for your F1 US Visa Interview and you make it through. Just be prepared and be yourself during the interview. All the very best!


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