Wipro Technologies is a leading tech company based in India. Although the parent company, Wipro Limited, was founded in 1945, Wipro entered the tech business only in 1981. It offers a wide range of consulting and IT services. If you are interested in working for an Indian tech giant that has a global presence, then you should read this article to learn more about the Wipro recruitment process. Furthermore, we will also cover essential aspects such as Wipro interview questions so that you can prepare well and ace the recruitment process. 

Company Overview

Formerly known as Western India Products Limited, Wipro is a global IT, consulting, and outsourcing conglomerate based in Bengaluru, India. Founded by M.H Hasham Premji in 1945, the company diversified into the tech consulting and outsourcing business in 1981. Wipro Technologies has over 160,000 employees and a presence across six continents. Furthermore, with a client base in over 175 cities, Wipro reported revenue of $2.2 billion for FY 2020. Wipro Technologies primarily offers information technology services, consulting, and BPO services.  

Now that we know about Wipro Technologies, let us understand the company’s recruitment process. 

Wipro Job Opportunities and Eligibility

As an MNC with a global presence, Wipro Technologies is in constant need of talent from various backgrounds and diverse skill sets. From engineering and tech to business management, both young and experienced professionals can find job roles within the company. However, for recent graduates and postgraduates, we have put together the eligibility criteria that you must fulfil in order to be eligible for the Wipro hiring process. The requirements include:

  1. You should have a B.E or B.tech degree or an M.tech
  2. The interview process is open for all streams of engineering except fashion technology, agriculture and food technology, and textile engineering.
  3. You should have scored 60% or above in your classes 10 and 12. 
  4. Your graduation or post-graduation should be in good standing with no backlogs and you should have scored a minimum of 6.0 CGPA. Furthermore, a gap of three years is exempted.

Now that you know about the eligibility criteria for the recruitment process, let us understand more about the Wipro interview questions.

Wipro Recruitment Process

The Wipro interview for freshers involves three stages: an online assessment stage, a technical interview round, and an HR round. Now, let us take a closer look at each of the stages of the recruitment process at Wipro

  1. Online Assessment 

The online assessment stage is where you take the Wipro online test. The test is used to evaluate your aptitude, writing, and coding skills. The three main components of the Wipro online test are:

  • Aptitude

The aptitude test section of the Wipro online test comprises logical reasoning, quantitative analysis, and verbal reasoning. Each of the divisions within the aptitude section of the test is used to evaluate your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.

  • Writing an essay

This part of the test will scrutinize your writing skills. You are required to produce your best write-up on a topic or scenario presented to you. A good essay will include rich vocabulary, coherence, and grammatical accuracy.

  • Coding

Given that you are applying for a technical role as a fresher, the coding test for Wipro mainly involves writing a code using any of the languages such as Java, C++, or Python. 

  1. Technical Round

Once you have completed the online assessment, you will appear for a technical round, which is a face-to-face interview to gauge your technical and domain skills. You will be presented with problem scenarios and will have to come up with solutions using your technical knowledge.

  1. HR round

The last stage of the Wipro recruitment process is the HR round where you will discuss essential aspects of your employment such as remuneration, location, timings, and company policies. However, during this stage, HR may ask you a few questions to assess whether you are a good fit for the company and the role at Wipro. To evaluate this, the Wipro HR questions may be as follows:

  1. Explain about yourself in brief
  2. Your expectations from the role
  3. Whether or not you are willing to relocate, if the job is in a location other than your current location
  4. You may be asked to explain why you are seeking a job change (if you are employed with another firm currently)
  5. In case you are a fresher, you will be asked to talk about your internships and college projects

There you go. We have explained all that you need to know about the Wipro interview for freshers and the different stages of the Wipro recruitment process. Now that you know what are the different stages of the interview process, you are better positioned to prepare yourself both technically and mentally to ace the interview.

All the best!


  1. Does Wipro hire business and commerce graduates?

Wipro is an MNC with several business functions and processes. Hence, the demand for technical and non-technical talent is high. However, since the company predominantly offers technological solutions, it mainly looks for engineering students.

  1. What is an elevator pitch and is it important?

Elevator pitch is a short and quick introduction of yourself that you will have to creatively develop when asked to introduce yourself. The elevator pitch is an important way to demonstrate confidence and self-awareness. It helps in creating a positive impression on the recruiter.

  1. How difficult is the interview process at Wipro?

No interview process is easy or challenging as long as you are confident, and up to date with domain knowledge and world events. It all boils down to your communication skills and the manner in which you present yourself.


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