When one talks about the most reputed accounting firms in the world, it is impossible to not discuss the ‘Big Four’. The UK-based Deloitte has the distinction of being a part of this exclusive club. Hence, securing a job at Deloitte is a dream for employment seekers across the globe.

Founded in 1845, the company has a rich history of nearly 180 years and has built a presence in over 150 countries. Along with being an accounting organization, it is also one of the largest professional services networks in the world.

In this article, we will discuss the Deloitte interview questions, interview rounds and process, and other requirements.

Academic Requirements

In order to be eligible to appear for an interview at Deloitte, an aspirant must meet certain mandatory academic requirements. They are:

  • A minimum of 60 percent in Class 10 and Class 12 (or diploma)
  • A minimum of 60 percent in graduation (B.E./B.Tech in any discipline)
  • Post Class 12, however not after Class 10th, or between semesters of graduation, a maximum interval of one year is permitted
  • A candidate must not have any outstanding backlogs at the time of the interview

Interview Process and Rounds

Aspirants meeting the academic requirements must face and get past multiple rounds of interviews in order to secure employment at Deloitte.  The first interview is usually a face-to-face/ telephonic screening conducted by a member of the company’s Talent Acquisition team. Following this, the screened applicants will face the following rounds:

1. Online Assessment Test

This round consists of an online test that comprises three sections: Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability.

2. Group Discussion

Applicants clearing the first round must face a group discussion (GD) in the next. In this round, the company usually provides a case study that is built around a technical issue that is plaguing a business. A candidate is given some time to read the case study and is allotted around 15 minutes for discussion with the group. Moderators may also present the participants with questions based on the solutions provided by them.

3. Technical Interview

If a candidate clears the GD round, the next challenge is a face-to-face technical interview round. The primary aim of this round is to assess one’s technical skills (depending on the role applied for) along with the evaluation of their problem-solving skills and ability to handle stress. The questions can be both coding and non-coding-based. An aspirant may also be asked to write a code or codes.

In addition to this, applicants may also be questioned about their previous work experiences and projects, the use of their technical skills in those endeavors, and their role in them, among other topics. It is crucial to be able to showcase one’s knowledge of computer fundamentals. Importantly, the candidate must be proficient in at least one programming language. Based on company needs, job profile, and one’s performance in previous rounds, there may be more than one technical interview round.

4. HR interview

Making it to this round is an indication that the chances of a candidate securing the job are reasonably high. Here, no technical questions are asked. The aim of the round is to ascertain whether one fits well within the culture and structure of the company. Applicants will be questioned on topics such as Deloitte’s history, organizational structure, and values, among others. Therefore, it is essential to be well-versed in the company.  

Also, one may be asked questions based on the information presented in their resume. Hence, it is imperative that a candidate be aware of their resume and prepare for questions that may be asked from it. A Partner/Director from the service line one may be joining in to conduct this round.

Pre-Employment Checks and Offer

If you have managed to get past all the rounds of interviews, it is nearly certain that you are set to have an enriching career at Deloitte. However, before an employment offer is made, pre-employment checks will be conducted. These include verification of employment references and qualifications.

Following pre-employment screening and approval of an offer, a representative of the Talent Acquisition team will make a verbal offer. This will be followed by a written contract which will contain all the details pertaining to the offer and the conditions of employment. If one accepts it, he or she is ready to be onboarded by Deloitte. We hope all this information that we have provided about Deloitte interview questions,  interview process, basic requirements, and other essential details helped! So now, you have to prepare well and exceed expectations in the interview. All the best!


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