If you are passionate about tech and digital transformation of businesses, then Capgemini is the company you may want to work for. Capgemini is a French IT consulting and technology services company that is headquartered in Paris. It has nearly 37 offices in India, spread across 10 states.  A career with Capgemini offers several benefits such as on-the-job learning, growth, and overall development.  

Read this article to learn more about Capgemini interview questions and how to crack the Capgemini test to be successfully recruited. Before we begin, let us learn more about the company and the different roles it hires for in India.

About Capgemini 

Founded in 1967, Capgemini provides a wide range of services such as cloud computing, digital transformation, platforms, and technology consulting services to businesses that want to tap into opportunities that modern tech has to offer. With presence in nearly all continents (Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America), Capgemini offers several IT consulting services to clients across the globe. While the IT consulting division of the company specialises in digital transformation, data science, and other creative design, Capgemini’s tech and engineering segment offers internal IT support, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and testing. 

Also, Capgemini’s Application services segment involves mainly IT application maintenance activities. With a wide spectrum of services offered by Capgemini, its clients hail from various industries. From retail to financial services, the company has a large client base that relies on its IT infrastructure development, BPO, and transaction services.

Now that we know about Capgemini and what services it provides, let us understand the eligibility for the Capgemini interview.

Who Should Apply to Capgemini Vacancies?

As a leader in tech services, the demand for talent in tech and software development is crucial in driving business at Capgemini. We have compiled eligibility criteria based on which the company filters candidates and makes its hiring decisions.

  1. Applicants must have scored above 60 percent in their undergraduation and postgraduation
  2. Must have graduated  from any stream of BE and B-tech
  3. Applicants with backlogs are not permitted to apply
  4. Candidates with an M-tech and ME qualification must be from the information technology or CS stream.

Once the candidates have been filtered, they proceed to the next step in the interview process. The Capgemini recruitment process involves three rounds:

  1. Online test

In this round of the interview, you will be asked to take the Capgemini assessment test. It is an online test that comprises four sections. The four sections are: pseudo-coding, English communication test, game-based aptitude test for Capgemini, and behavioural competency.

  1. Technical round

The next round in the interview process is the face-to-face technical round that is used to test your IQ, technical knowledge, and your experience in case you have worked in the industry.

  1. HR interview

The final stage in the interview process is the HR round where you will discuss the terms and conditions of your employment and negotiate your pay. This is also the stage where you will be asked to answer Capgemini HR interview questions pertaining to your experience, academic achievements, expectations from the role you are applying to, and questions such as why are you looking for a change. Furthermore, this is also the stage where you can find out more about the company by asking questions that you want to receive clarity on. 

Now that you know about the Capgemini interview process, let us discuss some tips to ace the interview. 

Tips to Perform Well In the Interview

  1. Be confident. Practice your interview session with an expert to help you overcome interview nerves.
  2. Make sure that you read enough about the organization and its business operations so that it reflects how well-versed you are about the company.
  3. Taking the Capgemini mock test 2021 is a good way to familiarise yourself with the test pattern and syllabus.
  4. Update your domain knowledge so that you do not face any challenges during the technical round of the interview.
  5. Hire a career coach, if needed, to help you prepare for the Capgemini HR interview question. The coach can assist you in behavioural aspects of the interview such as communication and elevator pitch.
  6. Avoid speaking anything redundant and stick to the main ideas.

There you go, we have provided all that you need to know about the Capgemini interview questions for freshers and experienced professionals. 

Now that you know about the company, its interview stages, and tips to ace the interview process, you are better positioned to prepare well for the interview.


1) Is Capgemini a good company to start your career with?

Capgemini is an MNC with a global presence and is a brand in the tech consulting space. Starting your career with Capgemini will prove to be an excellent step because it will have a positive impact on your resume and give you exposure to various types of projects in the tech industry.

2) Does Capgemini pay well?

While each role has its own pay scale, Capgemini is a good remunerator in the tech industry. A simple search on the internet will reveal salary data for various roles in the company.

3) Does Capgemini have vacancies for freshers and professionals who are not from a tech background?

In addition to tech consulting, Capgemini offers several services such as digital and data science which can be suitable for those from a non-tech background but possess the necessary skills. In addition to this, you can also find administrative, human resource, and finance-related roles within the organization.


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