Adobe inc. is an American multinational corporation that offers digital solutions and software that is used by businesses for digital marketing and media purposes. Some of the products that Adobe offers include Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, Freehand, and Acrobat, among others. If you are passionate about digital transformation and would like to be a part of a company that is a global leader in digital solutions, then read this article to learn more about the Adobe interview experience.

Adobe Interview – Eligibility Criteria

The Adobe interview preparation begins by meeting the criteria which the recruiting team of the company uses to filter or screen applications. Some of the criteria include:

  • A score of over 70 percent in Class 10, 12, and Bachelors. 
  • Applicants from the computer science stream with strong coding skills
  • Candidates demonstrating strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Adobe Interview Process

Since Adobe offers excellent career opportunities to both experienced professionals and freshers, we will analyse the interview process for both freshers and experienced individuals.

  1. Adobe interview Experience for Freshers

As a fresher, you can get an opportunity to interview with Adobe by taking the opportunity of campus interviews or by applying for a position online. Mentioned below are the different rounds of the Adobe interview for freshers:

  • Written test round
  • Interview with SMEs round
  • HR interview round
  1. Adobe interview for experienced professionals

For a seasoned or mid-level professional, it is essential to submit CVs by applying for vacancies posted on the company’s website. The Adobe interview experience for experienced professionals include:

  • Telephonic interview:

You will be reached out by recruiting personnel of the company who ask basic questions about you and your interest in the company.

  • Online coding test:

During this round, you will receive a link to the aptitude and logic test which comprises 45 questions and is timed at 45 minutes. 

  • Technical round:

The technical round involves a coding test which comprises about 15 to 20 questions that need to be completed within 75 to 120 minutes. Hence, the Adobe software testing interview questions include a coding test using programming languages such as Java and C++.

  • HR and onsite interview round:

The last stage of the Adobe interview experience is an onsite interview with a panel and HR. While HR will focus on behavioural aspects, the panel will evaluate your understanding and knowledge of data structure and algorithms.

There you go, we have covered most of the essential points on the adobe interview process. Now that you know about the Adobe interview experience, you’re better positioned to prepare for the interview.


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