The University of Zurich, Switzerland, is a public university. It was founded in 1833 by the Swiss Federal Government and is one of the largest universities in Europe, with over 26,000 students. Several famous people have attended this world-renowned university, such as Albert Einstein. Einstein was a student at the University of Zurich, and he later became one of its professors. Other famous alumni include Carl Jung, who founded analytical psychology; Max Weber, a prominent sociologist; and Friedrich Nietzsche, one of Germany’s most renowned philosophers.

The University of Zurich has also produced some incredible scientists over the years. Emil Fischer won a Nobel Prize for his work on sugar molecules, while Werner Heisenberg developed the quantum mechanics theory. The university has also been home to several Fields Medal winners over the years—these annual awards are given out to mathematicians under 40 years old for their exceptional achievements.

Furthermore, the University of Zurich has an excellent reputation and ranks highly among the world’s best universities. It has been ranked #70 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. 

Faculty and Courses

UZH offers an extensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs across all faculties—from business administration and law to mathematics and natural sciences. The university also has a strong focus on research, with many professors conducting cutting-edge studies in their field. This combination of high-quality teaching and groundbreaking research makes UZH one of the leading universities in Europe. The quality of teaching at UZH is outstanding: 98% of graduates are satisfied with their education (International Student Barometer 2016).  

Fees and Scholarships

The University of Zurich, Switzerland is a world-renowned institution, and its fees reflect that. However, the university also offers several scholarships to help offset those costs.

For students from within Switzerland, tuition ranges from CHF 580 to CHF 1,840 per semester, depending on the program. For students from other European Union countries or Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, tuition is €800-€1,200 per semester. And for all other international students, tuition is €1,400-€2,000 per semester. 

But even with those costs in mind, the University of Zurich offers a range of scholarships to help make attendance possible for everyone who wants it. For example, the Swiss Excellence Scholarship covers full tuition and living expenses for four semesters (or two years), while the UZH Development Scholarship provides partial funding for up to two semesters (or one year). 

There are also many other scholarship opportunities available – including ones specifically targeting women or applicants from certain countries – so there’s something out there for everyone who wants it. 

Careers and Placements

The University of Zurich’s Careers Centre provides comprehensive services to help students find internships, jobs, and graduate positions. They have an online job board to search for internships or jobs in your field of study and a database of companies recruiting graduates from the University of Zurich. The Careers Centre also offers workshops to write resumes and cover letters, network effectively, and prepare for interviews. 

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the University of Zurich are very competitive. The general requirements are explained below. 

  • Academic Transcripts: The University of Zurich requires all applicants to submit their academic transcripts. Additionally, your academic record must demonstrate that you can succeed in a rigorous graduate program. The university also conducts an academic assessment to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills.
  • Standardised Test Scores: Students must submit the scores of standardised tests such as GMAT or GRE in addition to their academic reports. 
  • Language Proficiency: The courses are instructed in five languages: German, French, Italian, English, and Spanish. Therefore, if you’re not a native speaker of these languages, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in at least one of them. 

It is also important to note that some programs may require specific prerequisite courses or have additional admission requirements. 

So if you are interested in studying at the University of Zurich, be sure to review the specific requirements for your desired program and make sure you meet them before applying. Doing so will increase your chances of being accepted and allow you to begin pursuing your future goals!


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