Tsinghua University is a public university situated in Beijing, China. Its MBA course, the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA programme, is taught by an international faculty. While the course exposes students to global business, it maintains a special focus on China. Read this article to learn more about the Tsinghua University MBA programme. We will cover all the essential aspects of the MBA curriculum, its ranking, admission requirements, and much more.

The Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA

The Global MBA programme at Tsinghua is built on the partnership between the university and MIT that began in 1996. Students who enroll in the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA course have the opportunity to learn from internationally acclaimed visiting MIT Sloan professors and earn an MIT MSc in Management Studies degree. Hence, the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA programme offers the benefit of a dual degree to its students with the option of studying the second year at Massachusetts. 

With a duration of 2.5 years to complete, students graduate with dual degrees and also enjoy the benefit of being a part of the MIT network. The Tsinghua MBA curriculum requires students to acquire 45 credits to graduate and allows them to choose from over 111 courses as their electives. The course is divided into four semesters, and the first two semesters require students to complete core modules that revolve around management fundamentals and analysis. Along with these core subjects, students also learn elementary Chinese as part of the soft skills module.

Tsinghua University has a very high research output. Its MBA course is ranked 26th under the Best Global Universities rankings listed by US News, while the overall Tsinghua University MBA ranking stands at 31 for the year 2021 on QS World University Rankings.

Now that you know about the university’s MBA curriculum and its rankings, let us understand the requirements you must fulfill in order to apply successfully to the university. 

Tsinghua University MBA Requirements

Tsinghua University aims to select individuals and professionals who have proven intellect and leadership capabilities to challenge existing norms and build on the knowledge acquired. Hence, students are required to meet the following requirements and complete their application to the school:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
  2. A Competitive GMAT or GRE score. You may also opt for the Tsinghua MBA alternative Entrance Exam Score if you want to skip the GMAT.
  3. Every applicant must have a minimum of 3 years of full-time professional work experience
  4. Overseas students must get the degree certificate authenticated by the Overseas Study Service Centre of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

While the university does not mention the requirement of a GMAT score, presenting one is likely to provide aspirants an edge over those who have not taken the exam.  Therefore, a GMAT score of over 720 should help improve your chances. Moreover, as the average age of the class for the course is 29, it is imperative that one acquires sufficient and relevant work experience to secure admission and also to derive maximum benefits from the programme. While acquiring the desired work experience, ensure that you exceed the expectations of your employer/s in order to receive a strong recommendation. 

Now that you know all about the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA programme, you are better positioned to plan your MBA journey to one of the best business schools in Asia.

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