The National Taiwan University (NTU) is a distinguished research university located in Taipei, Taiwan. Established in 1928, it was the seventh Imperial University to be founded under Japanese rule. At the time of its inception, the university had only around six colleges with 22 departments. The number of students enrolled in 1945 was about 515. However, the National Taiwan University currently has over 280 programs and over 32,000 students.  Apart from the numerous programs offered, the university also provides massive open online courses (MOOCs) that can be accessed by students worldwide, with 51 courses available on Coursera. There are also over 180 courses and lectures available on the university’s educational platform —  OpenCourseWare.

Besides being known for its programs and vibrant student population, the university has also managed to gain international recognition. The NTU stands at the 19th position in the QS Asian University Rankings. It has also been ranked 68th globally by the QS World University Rankings

Now, let us take a look at the benefits of studying at NTU. 

Why Study at NTU?

Students keen on pursuing a graduate program at NTU might wonder, why NTU? Here are a few reasons why pursuing a degree at NTU could be beneficial to you: 

  • NTU has partnered with over 640 universities across 65 countries. This provides you with the opportunity to pursue courses or programs in collaboration with various international universities. 
  • NTU offers several scholarships to both its international and local students. The amount awarded to you through these scholarships ranges from reimbursement of USD 200 to a complete tuition fee waiver. However, in order to be eligible for these benefits, you need to have an excellent academic record. 
  • The university provides many student exchange programs for international students across various disciplines. It also offers several short-term courses that students can pursue to earn credits and expand their knowledge in a particular subject or discipline.
  • Around 96% of NTU alumni are placed at well-renowned organisations. This has been possible due to the NTU career centre, which helps its students strengthen their professional skills and assists them in landing a career opportunity best suited for them. Additionally, the NTU Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to intern at some of the best companies, thereby, helping them prepare for future employment opportunities.

Now you have a fair idea of the benefits of studying at NTU, let us take a look at the courses offered at NTU.

Courses Offered and Fees 

The courses offered for international students along with the tuition fees is as follows:

Course Offered Tuition Fee 
Masters in Biotechnology USD 800+
Masters in Agricultural Economics USD 850+
Masters in Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesUSD 900+
Masters in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science USD 936
Masters of Business Administration(MBA) USD 860
Executive MBAUSD 5,600
Global MBA USD 1,000+
Masters in Health Policy and Management USD 1,000+

As you can see, on an average, you will spend anywhere between USD 800 to USD 1000 if you enrol for a course at NTU. This can prove to be an expensive affair. However, there are numerous scholarships offered by the university to help ease your financial burden. So, let us take a quick look at some of the scholarships offered by NTU. 

NTU Scholarships 

There are various government-sponsored and private NTU scholarships you can avail of as an international student. The government-sponsored scholarships available to you along with the eligibility criteria are as follows: 

MOE Taiwan Scholarship

The Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship is a government-sponsored scholarship offered to international students who have an excellent academic record. It provides you a fee waiver of NTD 40,000 and a stipend of NTD 15,000 every month. 

MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

Another government-sponsored scholarship is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan scholarship. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must belong to a country that has diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and you must have an excellent academic record as well. The scholarship awards a stipend of NTD 15,000 every month along with reduced tuition fees. Additionally, the scholarship also offers a one-way airfare to Taiwan. 

Besides these, there are other private scholarships offered at the NTU.  For more information on such scholarships,  you can visit the university’s official website.  Now, you have a fair idea about the history of the National Taiwan University, along with why you must study at NTU, and the courses offered with the tuition fees. All you need to do is begin your university application. So, get started today! 

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